Happy Independence Day! At least in Mexico it is. Although I have been home here in WIsconsin for 5 weeks now, I still think of my fellow missionaries and friends down in Mexico.

It was an uneventful, but long, 3-day trip from Chihuahua up to Neenah with my mom and our 5 furry passengers (3 cats and 2 dogs). Everyone has settled in to the new surroundings. The dogs love the walks in the parks, lots of grass and trees and squirrels. The cats love sitting in the many windows (compared to my Chihuahua house) and long to join the dogs outdoors. But they’ll be glad of the “indoors only” rule come winter time!!


It’s been refreshing to be at my home church and reconnect with many folks again. Because I am taking an entire year for my “home assignment” (aka, furlough), i don’t feel rushed to try to fit everyone into a tight schedule. Our church just voted on a new pastor last night, so big changes are in store, and I’m glad I’ll be home here during the transition period!

Well, the push is on to finish my video presentation. My first showing is this coming Sunday evening, at my home church. Please pray that it will be ready in time. A couple of people from the church are helping me with it, and it looks like it’s going to be REALLY cool! So, come to Calvary Bible Church to see it!

I’m planning a trip out west beginning in October. Please keep me in your prayers at that time too. I’m trying to beat the snow, but… well, we all know how crazy and unpredictable the weather is! Pray for a wonderful, refreshing time of seeing old friends and making new ones, and for journeys’ mercies along the way. THANK YOU!!

Look forward to seeing you at some point this year. Wouldn’t it be great if it were in heaven?!?! Keep looking up!