Hi, Friends and Family,

“For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Ps 91.12-13

To paraphrase that verse to fit our situation I could say, “They shall bear thee gently to the right at the right point, at the right time, lest thou dash thy car against the truck.”

It is good to know that Corinne and I are in God’s will in taking this trip to PA and NY, and in His care. We say this because on Friday He spared our lives with what we could call a miracle. He has more for us to do. The night before we left Sanford we got to bed very late. I called Al Swenson and asked him to request prayer in Chapel for our journey. Thanks to you all at NTM Homes for praying. During the drive to Southern South Carolina I fought sleep valiantly for a while, stopping often for a stretch, coffee, etc. At one stage I knew I would have to stop soon and rest, perhaps even have a short snooze. However, before I knew it I found myself waking up suddenly to a loud crash on the right side. I had dozed off! And there I saw a large semi which I passing. But the front of the car had passed the truck. I didn’t stop but kept on going, gaining control easily. Then when I stopped later I learned that on that side just behind the back door, our car side-swiped the back tire of the tractor itself. The damage was a black smudge along that area, and a dent in the back panel. I did not stop because I knew it was not damaged to badly and I was pretty sure the truck didn’t suffer a bit of damage. I slowed down and kept looking in the mirror at the driver to get any signal that he was going to stop, or motion or flash a light for me to stop. So we kept going. I have called our insurance company and they said to get a quote and they promised to do what they can to cover claim. We do believe God used the truck’s presence to save any further damage or perhaps our lives. If we had been in clear lanes we could have left the road or run into a vehicle and lost control.

So far we have enjoyed visits with friends and relatives. Tonight we go to bed early, thanking the Lord and also you all for praying for us.