It is good to be Home Sweet Home again after 10 days in the local hospital. Now, we apologize that some of you have not heard about our latest health episode, so, I, Tom will review for everyone from the start. We praise the Lord for reasonably good health for our octogenarian years. All glory to Him. However, recently I was having problems with digestion and elimination so I went to our GE doctor for his help and begged for whatever checkup or test he could give me. There seemed to be some blockage. He decided to do the the full colonoscopy, even though the last one was only 3 years ago.


The date was set for a colonoscopy and endoscopy at the same time. After the procedures he met with Corinne and me and shared that to his surprise he found a tumor on the colon. That raised many questions like, How could a tumor that big form in 3 years? Or was it missed in the last procedure? Of course, we didn’t know how big the tumor was right then, but we later learned that it was 6.0 x 3.4 cm, or about 2.5 x 1.25 inches.

Anyway, the tumor went for lab tests and two days later they reported that it was positive for cancer! (Invasive colonic adenocarcinoma to be exact.) Quite a shock. Cancer is something that happens to other people not us. No one in our family has had cancer. But our God allows certain things that we don’t understand, for our good and for our learning – and so we trust him. “Your times are in my hands,” He kept reminding me. And Romans 8.28 is still true.

Even though there might be other cures for cancer, we decided that to start with, the cancerous tumor needed to be removed. So into the hospital I went. Surgery went well, but it took them 2+ days to stop my nausea. After suffering vertigo one night when I thought the bed was on its side, the nausea let up and I was able to keep down the ice chips, which was my only intake by mouth. Gradually I was able to take in juices and later solid food when things became normal again. I did enjoy the good care in our Central Florida Regional Hospital.

The surgeon visited and told me that the specimen they removed was over 9 inches long, including portions on either side of the tumor, and also many of the lymph glands in the area. They did that to make sure they got all of the malignancy. He was pleased that all was removed and I am clear now – no cancer treatment needed. Thank the Lord for that! He must have more for me to do in this life. Then this week a further checkup showed that I am progressing well. The pain has subsided and I’m slowly gaining strength, walking every day. There will be another checkup in 3 months.

Meanwhile, we have had to cancel our flight to granddaughter Heidi’s wedding. We feel sad we missed that, and also missed seeing Joel’s whole family gathered together. My brother and I also postponed our trip to Wilkes-Barre, PA area, where we grew up. Corinne and I will make our family reunion though, planned for June 23-30th in Las Vegas, NV. Why there? Because that’s where David lives, and also where 5-bedroom houses are available for rent for a nice rate.

As for my proposed trip to Papua New Guinea, that will be delayed at least until late summer. Please keep praying about that. Also remember Jim Jora, my potential translation helper when I go. He is faithfully working on evangelism and also translation. I am counting on his help along with Malcolm’s when I go to check the Old Testament verses. 


Cousin Mary Lucier came 30 miles to wait with Corinne during the surgery, and another day came to visit. Thank you, Mary.

I had other visits by our fellow retirees. To you folk with Email, thanks for your prayers and notes of encouragement, replying to our updates. This is the extent of our news.

Love, Tom and Corinne