Progress? Yes, after submitting all the text and cross references and pictures to Doug Lotz in our NTM publishing department, Tom finished editing all the introductions to each book, then the glossary, and all the Hamtai names in the maps. As Doug finished editing each book, he would pass the book to Jack Abbott, a retiree in the Homes, to check his work of transferring the text into the final format of the New Testament. Jack checked formatting, chapter and verse numbers, paragraphing, picture placements, etc. Then he would pass the book on to Edna Trigg (pictured here) to proof the manuscript again. They would each stick a little yellow “post-it” on pages with notes telling what needed to be corrected. Edna is also a retiree here from the Yagaria tribe in Papua New Guinea, but she keeps very busy with proof reading and doing typing of translations for the PNG Field.

After the two of them finished their checking, they passed the books on to Tom. He is now checking the manuscript by reading every word aloud. It is amazing how even at this stage he is finding mistakes that need to be corrected, mainly spelling, consistency in translating key terms, etc.  In one of the genealogies, in Matthew, he must not have proofed it before giving it to Doug, as he had repeated three names. After Doug makes all the changes listed, he will reprint the whole manuscript. Then that will have to be proofed! It is quite a time-taking process. Now we approach Christmas, and so it seems the manuscript will not be submitted to the printers until January. Doug reckons it will be in production for 6 weeks. That gives you an idea of when we might return to PNG with the books.

Today Tom was talking on the phone with his translation helper Malcolm in PNG. While proof reading he noticed that one word was spelled ‘hmpu’ 160 times and ‘hampu’ 18 times. He asked Malcolm which way it should be spelled. Malcolm said ‘hmpu’. Tom heard a loud conversation in the background and asked what that was all about. It was the younger ones in the house arguing that it should be spelled ‘hampu’, not ‘hmpu.’ Our national team of 8 in PNG when checking the manuscript accepted both spellings. Of course, they were from different areas of our widely scattered tribe. Also some were young and some were older. So, rather than change them all, Tom decided to leave them as the checkers had approved them, since the difference is pronunciation, not meaning. Maybe you have a better idea now of all the things involved in readying a manuscript for printing.

Tom and I are both keeping well, except we both are favoring a sore hip at the moment. I guess I messed mine up by doing a new exercise program. I’m sure it is only temporary and will be fine soon. I have to remind myself that I am not 38 but 83.

I had asked prayer re finding  the right dentist and eye doctor. Thanks for praying. I found a dentist that fit my bridge to the mold for the new crown for the molar to which the bridge is anchored. So it fit perfectly. The previous dentist I had seen did not think it would fit, and he wanted to do implants for the three teeth that the bridge was replacing to the tune of $6,000. This dentist did it very reasonably. The eye doctor I saw checked on the internet the ingredients in the supplement I take for my macular degeneration. He said it was a good one and to keep on it. He had a list of some that he usually recommends. I started Tom on it too. His recent appointment showed he now has no signs of macular degeneration. He just has a bad case of dry eyes.

Some are asking if they can still send contributions to us through NTM since NTM considers us retired. Yes, NTM handles our money just as they always have. They will send you a tax receipt for any gifts you send them stating it is for Tom Palmers. Some have had to discontinue supporting us, but so far most of our supporters are continuing their support. We appreciate your continued interest, prayers, and financial gifts. May the Lord continue to bless you all and meet all your needs.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Tom’s cousins near Titusville. For Christmas we think Tom’s brother Ed from West Palm Beach will join us here.
May you have a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Love in Christ Jesus, 

Tom and Corinne Palmer