Hello praying friends

In our last correspondence we mentioned that many discussions were underway regarding our future. Shortly after our correspondence to you, NTM did communicate to us that the decision was made that we should take a family leave from the mission, so that we could better care for my mother without the pressure of trying to fulfill the obligation of being a full-time translator. Thank you for all of the correspondence that you sent our way encouraging us with your prayers and reminding us of God’s great sovereign plans that go beyond our understanding. We sure do appreciate knowing your concern for us and for our ministry to the Bena people of PNG.

Since that correspondence, we have had a change of events which will likely affect that decision. My mother’s health took a sudden turn for the worse, and on the afternoon of Oct 22, the Lord took her home. She passed into eternity peacefully in our home with Dawn, myself, one of our children, my sister, and hospice personnel by her side. She was a believer in Christ’s payment for her sins and was ready to go, so she is now in a far better place. Honoring her desire, we will be having an immediate family-only grave side service on Friday afternoon, Oct 25.

We will write more later about our future ministry direction, after we have had time both to celebrate & mourn the graduation of our mother and grandmother, and have had time to discuss these new developments with our home church and mission leadership.

Thank you for praying for and supporting us,