Hallow everyone,

The Lord continues to move things along for us here. Life continues to increase in pace as He adds to our daily work. It is good.
This week we were able to go up to the Upper Bena again, on Thursday, to show a young friend the area pretty well from top to bottom. It was good. I am being reminded that I’m not as young as I used to be as folk now call me Mama who don’t know me real well. They do enjoy seeing us both together again, and not just David as it has been mostly since we got up here.

Yes, we did spend a couple of hours with our Koropa family group, and had a mumu with them there. We hope to go back again on Tuesday because they want to start our village house then. So we both hope to be there then. I do find things a little more difficult these days, so we will make our village house a little different to theirs. By installing a porta pottie for example. It should be a fun day with them again.

Then on Friday we got to chat some things over with the leadership up here, that is usually an encouraging time too, and Friday wasn’t an exception. It is so good to sit in a group and talk things over because it gives you more things to think about. It is helping us to catch up with cultural thinking again too. One thing that came off our to-do list is that David doesn’t need to spend as much time in surveys now because he has done a big enough area for them to look at and make some decisions on. But he is still working to try and get the old material we used up-to-date and onto the computer for the new teams to work with. It is wonderful to be preparing things for the younger families we hope join the work in the Bena .

Things to thank the Lord for with us.

1. That we are back here and enjoying what the Lord has for us.
2. Our relationship with the Katagu believers and the Koropa family group.
3. Our leadership and the way the Lord uses them to help direct us in the work He has for us.

Some things to be praying about with us.

1. That we won’t forget in all our busyness that the Lord is working in our lives too and continues to have to make the changes necessary there to prepare us for the work He has for us. And that we will respond to Him as He works at bringing in these changes.
2. That David and I may stay well for as long as He needs us to.
3. That we will have the partners we need in the work in His timing.
4. That David and I will be an encouragement to anyone who the Lord wants on the team, being available to them without smothering them.