Dear praying friends,

Please forgive me for taking SO-o-o-o-o long to let you all know that Doug and I arrived home safely – YES… it is a week ago!!

We had a WONDERFUL time away, and thank the Lord for all He did to make the time so special, and for being able to be productive in Wewak, in helping to revise/compile the 3 primers, 3 readers and work on 3 library books in the less than 2 weeks we had to work with two Owininga believers, and Hope Sharp our Sepik Literacy Consultant, who went over and beyond to see everything go ahead so quickly, with great pictures, and Nobi Kennell who is typing up the teacher’s manual.  We were blessed too, by all the ladies who cooked and served great meals to Doug and I, and the Owininga language helpers.  We are also VERY grateful to Jason and Toni Stuart for their love and vision to work with and encourage the Owininga church and other churches which continue to serve Him and live for Him in their isolated villages.  Sometime in the new year, Jason is planning on heading into the Owininga and taking the new literacy materials with him, and doing a teacher training course.

This week, there is great celebration in Inaru – the village where Jason and Toni have been working – as the completed/printed New Testament which Jason has translated, has been brought across, and there is a dedication of the N.T. in Inaru.  We were also thrilled to be in Wewak simultaneously with Linda Krieg, who was having the last of the translation checking done on the N.T.  We were in the Owininga when Linda came to the field of PNG….   It was the year that Rachel graduated from Numonohi Christian Academy, and Rachel and Doug went across to Siawi to help build her house!!!  Linda has just completed the translation of the Siawi New Testament, and, Lord willing will be back next year for the dedication.

We were also in PNG when a new work on Biem Island, completed the Phase 1 of the Chronological Firm foundation lessons, and have seen many own the Lord as their Saviour, after the presentation of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  Isaiah 55:11 Declares the Lord   “So is My word that goes out from My mouth;  It will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I desire, and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. Vs 12a You will go out in joy, and be led forth in peace”.

Our time in the Highlands was SPECIAL…  we loved the time we had with Rhesa, Bobby and their four girls.  We rented a house next door to the Bagleys (where we slept) but pretty much lived all day with the family. We only left the centre twice – one day we were able to attend the Highlands Conference, and thoroughly enjoyed the activities, the fellowship and Bible teaching.  Another day we visited the Highlands Headquarters, and had lunch with friends who began working in PNG the same time as us. 

Unfortunately, Bobby has been having some illness, and was actually in the medical clinic for a couple of hours one day, needing oxygen, because of an asthma attack.  They presently have a dead rat somewhere in their downstairs, which is making life a little ‘uncomfortable’ right now.

Our Air Niugini flight out of Goroka was late…  this gave us a couple of extra hours (in town) with Bobby, Rhesa and the girls before flying out at “last light” arriving in Port Moresby guest house around 8.00pm, and we were up and on our way to the airport at 6.30 the next morning.  It took almost 40 minutes to drive some 4 kms, because of road works in the capitol city!!!

Our time in Cairns was very relaxing and a lovely time to catch up with friends.  However, I must admit Doug was more than ready to “be home in his own bed” – our flight out of Cairns wasn’t until 6.15pm……  and we were only in the air an hour, when he began asking when were we to arrive in Perth!!!   It was a L-O-N-G  5 plus hours – BUT, praise the Lord, we arrived safely, and Brad, Rachel, Renee and Thaddeus were all there to meet us.

What have we done since arriving home – waded through the mail and bills that had to be paid, pulled SO-o-o-o many weeds out of the garden beds (being locked out of the house for over 3 hours was a GREAT incentive to work in the garden), been to a craft evening, and been involved with packing shoe boxes for the Samaritan Purse Christmas Child.  We have already had a number of medical appointments, and this Thursday Doug will be having the endoscope, and Nov. 6th, he is scheduled for an appointment with his plastic surgeon.  Doug has returned to his Wednesday mornings doing basket weaving at the Association for the Blind, I am back into the “babysitting role” – and very much enjoying the time with the grand children.  We have seen little of Renee and her family, as they have all been sick a LOT of the time we were away – and continue to be “hit” by another virus each week, or so it would seem.  Raewyn, too, has been ill, and on her 4th lot of antibiotics.  We are enjoying seeing more of Gregan.  Brad and Rachel have been away at a conference this past weekend, but we hope to catch up with their family soon.  David and Roxanne with their three delightful children continue to be busy – and with baby guinea pigs multiplying, life is never dull.

This past Sunday Doug led the service and spoke at the Retirement home nearby.  The people are very appreciative and thankful for the visits.

Thank you for standing by us in prayer, and please continue to pray for the Owininga people.  They encourage us, as they continue to walk with the Lord, but they do “feel” their isolation, and look forward to the believer’s conference in November.

Praising the Lord for His faithfulness.

Doug and Bev