Dear Team Members,

This Update comes with our Love and appreciation for each of you. Your love, care, and prayers for us mean so very much!

The past few months we have had computer problems and about a month ago both of them died, with us only being able to be online a few of those days when we had access to a visitor’s computer. Please feel free to resend us emails you may have sent this past month as we really love hearing from you!!!!!


We had a lovely visit for just over a week this past month from Cherrie’s cousin Joan and her husband Al, from Idaho. While here, we had two outings, but the weather proved too hot for Cherrie, and she had heat exhaustion, she is still getting over that. One of those days she fell backwards from a picnic table and ended up with about 40 chigger(small biting insects) bites on her head, face, neck and arms! The next day she looked like she had chicken pox which lasted about a week. Thankfully she is over the bites now! Her radiation treatments are over now, and her last treatment with the Oncologist is December 1st Smile Thank you for your continued PRAYERS! We thank the Lord she is gaining strength each day! There will be follow up doctor visits in the months ahead and in the New Year.

Though we are not involved, at this time, the teaching English as a Second Language Classes have started its autumn semester. We know the present teachers would REALLY appreciate your PRAYERS as it takes a lot of time to prepare for the classes, which take place on Tuesday nights and also on Wednesday mornings about a half hour from where we live. Please be PRAYING for the teachers and students the Lord brings into these most helpful classes. Cherrie still has a low energy level, and both of us are only now beginning to sleep better. Cherrie hopes to soon start again correcting the Bible Study papers that local prisoners do. At this time, we do not know if we will be able to continue to cope with being involved with ESL. There are other areas of ministry locally, here at our retirement center, and at church that we are involved in and others are on the horizon for consideration. Plus, through Cherrie’s cancer journey, the Lord has opened up a whole new area of reaching out – especially with MANY new folk needing encouragements. So, we surely appreciate your PRAYERS as we trust the Lord to show us where He wants us involved, as we also try to pace ourselves, and as Cherrie works at gaining her strength back. The chemo, surgery, and radiation have taken its toll.

Our son Ben’s oldest son Jayden (17 years old) finished school in Australia at the end of year 10, which is normal for someone not planning on going on to college. Year 11 and 12, in Australia, prepares one for going to college. He has had a job, and this coming Wednesday (Tuesday night USA TIME), Jayden is flying to Papua New Guinea to spend about two months with his Aunt Robyn and Uncle David and his cousins. He flies from Sydney to Brisbane to PNG where his Uncle will meet him at the airport. David works on computers and at some time, David and Jayden will be flying into a remote village for a few days so David can help a missionary family with some computer difficulties. We know Jayden will appreciate your PRAYERS as he travels alone, for good health, for time with family in PNG, and as he sees a new part of the world! We personally know it can be a life changing experience, and we trust the Lord to watch over Jayden during this time.

Please share your PRAYER requests with us, so we can more effectively PRAY for you also. May God Bless and Encourage you each step of your journey with Him!

Laborers TOGETHER with the Lord,

Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings:

“WIN WIN SITUATION!” Charlie used this saying a while back and it encouraged my heart Smile This cancer journey of chemo, surgery, and then radiation has brought sooooo many new people into our lives. For me, it has drawn me into a new world! A world where I see folk so very unwell, and for some it has been life threatening. For some, we have seen a “Peace that passes all understanding” on their countenance and in their speech. Not before, BUT AT THE MOMENT I NEED IT, the Lord has given me HIS PEACE, COMFORT, and STRENGTH. I am gaining strength back day by day and thank the Lord for His Word that Comforts my heart, and for each of you for your Love, Care, and Prayers which have kept me going moment by moment. What ALSO encourages my heart is – if I am healed I WIN! If I am not healed I WIN because I go home to be with our Lord and Savior!