Dear Supporters,

A couple weeks ago I sent out our quarterly prayer letter and in it I mentioned the various military ceremonies that are held here. One thing I neglected to mention which I find interesting in the wake of our society’s growing anti-Christian attitude and values is that at each of these ceremonies, they are started with a prayer and commenced with a prayer. The prayers are not watered down nor ecumenical either. I have been encouraged as it appears for now, our nation is not lost … yet.


After a long summer with flat seas and kids complaining they can’t go surfing, to the delight of many, the swells have started to come in. While at the beach watching boogie boarders, there happened to be a sleepy monk seal lying on the beach taking in the sun’s rays.

Even though the end of the school year is still many months away, I have been getting inquiries from missionaries in Papua New Guinea regarding the availability of housing here in Hawaii. When school ends in June, nearly a third of the missionaries head home for furlough. Being routing through Hawaii is less expensive, some are coming this way and planning to spend a few days. Although we have a hotel room available, it is too small for families so we continue to trust the Lord to provide places for these hero’s of the faith to stay.

I have started a family tradition and hope to continue it for many years to come. On my birthday, which I celebrated last month, we went to the Wet-N-Wild water park and had a blast. After four hours of fun, we retired to some fast food then cake and ice cream!

From the different fields news has been good in regards to the gospel going out and people getting baptized. However, there is a great need for more people to help carry the load. Have a look at this list of positions that are needed then pray the Lord will raise someone up who can fill the gap. Thank You for your partnership!


Mark and Joan