The Transition: “Life Without Allison”

After 12 years of serving at the Brickyard, it was finally time to pass the proverbial baton. We had taught chronologically through the Bible several times during the first 9 years, and in July I wrapped up the last of the doctrinal lessons, representing the past 3 years of teaching. I gave the people the best foundation I could. I’ve tried to meet their physical and medical needs, to encourage and comfort them, to empower them to improve their lives. I want to point them to the Lord who enables me to serve them. Yet many were looking to me instead of to God, and it became time for me to step out of the picture. Now Vanessa and her friends, along with Jerusalem Church, will lead this small struggling flock. They are already beginning to take the first steps of independent responsibility by working together, pooling their resources, and serving one another. PRAY FOR CONTINUED GROWTH!

Home Assignment Begins

In July, my mom graciously came down to suffer in the heat of Chihuahua and help me clean house and pack up for my time of furlough, or “Home Assignment”. We were on the road for three days, through heat and flooding, getting a little lost. But we finally made it home to Neenah, Wisconsin. (Please note my new address.) I haven’t taken a year’s sabbatical since… last century. Seriously, since 1999-2000. Remember Y2K? I sure do! My short 2-month breaks every two years were fun, but not very restful. I would always return to Mexico and wearily resume where I had left off. So far I am enjoying my time home, not rushing like crazy to fit everyone into a tight schedule. It sure is a blessing to enjoy the cooler weather, the green landscape, and the appearance of fall colors.


I’m a “traveling tumbleweed.” There are so many of you that I have not seen in… forever! So I am planning on putting a ton of kilometers on my Mexican 2001 Ford Expedition, to drive around the US and Canada and visit as many of you as possible. My first trip begin in early October as I head out west. I’ll be gone for 6 weeks, driving through virtually every state, except UT and WY.

  • Please pray for safety on the road and that the vehicle will hold up for all those miles.
  • Pray that the Lord would use me to be a blessing to those I visit.
  • Pray for a time of refreshing as I reconnect with old friends and enjoy God’s creation.


Rev. 19

We finished 30 weeks of teaching on the end times, the last of three years of doctrinal teaching. The kids all made crafts which will hopefully remind them of the truths they have learned. Three boys prayed to receive Christ on the last day! Our prayer is “Come, Lord Jesus, come!!!”









Reina a.k.a. “Queen”

Her son Carlos was murdered last December, yet god used this tragedy to bring Reina to Christ. Her new baby is also named Carlos! Reina is becoming a strong leader amongst the believers and has a passion for the word of God. Pray for her to walk faithfully with God in the midst of trials and temptations.











Keep praying for Vanessa! She is taking a full class load in her final year of bible school, while staying active in Jerusalem Church, working to pay for school, and coordinating the ministry at the brickyard. Pray she doesn’t burn out before becoming a full-time missionary