Dear praying friends,

Doug did go into the respiratory clinic yesterday, and has been seen by two doctors, but there is no diagnosis until after a bronchoscopy which will be in 7 – 14 days, depending on when there is a bed available. The doctors were concerned at his only having the one nostril, and small mouth, which makes the procedure a little more difficult, and the probable use of a pediatric scope. We wait for confirmation of a day and time.


Last Thursday, his right shoulder again dislocated – and he is now wearing a shoulder ‘harness’ – but at least he didn’t dislocate his shoulder on Sunday when he lost his balance.

We are helping Renee celebrate her 40th birthday this week!! Oh, how the years roll by.

Monday just past was a holiday here in Perth, and we were thankful to have Brad and Rachel, along with Chelsea here – doing some running repairs on some roofing (part of the patio) which blew off during the huge winds we had mid September. Glorious spring – but they are promising us a VERY long hot summer.

Thanking you for your love and prayers,

Doug and Bev