Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your friendship and prayers. It has seemed a long time, since being aware of “something” on Doug’s lung and getting any results.

We did meet with the respiratory specialist this morning. The results of the bronchoscopy and PET scan show MORE than we expected, and as yet, we have no timeline as to treatment or prognosis, as we have now been referred to the radiologist/oncologist and await another appointment.


What we do know is:

  • Yes, there is a tumour on Doug’s right lung. It is the type of cancer usually detected in smokers!! Doug has never smoked – the growth is 4 cm. in diameter.
  • The tumour is NOT contained, therefore surgery is NOT an option.
  • There is a “spot” or “lump” under Doug’s chin.
  • They are ordering an ultra sound/aspiration/biopsy of this, to determine whether this is connected to his facial basal cell carcinoma, or of the same ‘makeup’ as the growth in his lung.
  • It is probable that Doug will begin radiotheraphy in November.

It was good to have our eldest daughter with us at the hospital this morning, and are very aware of your prayers, and the support of family and friends.

We continue to rest in the knowledge that God does ALL things well, His presence is with us, and He will strengthen and guide. May you each be rejoicing in Him today, and enjoying His presence in your day.

Standing on the promises of God’s Word.

Doug and Bev