Dear family and friends,

One day this past week I was about my business of doing some cleaning in our Assisted Living Facility. A lady walked in the door and greeted me. Dee said that she had just arrived from Wisconsin to see her mother. Before going to Lorraine’s room she wanted to give me a hug. She said that she was so thankful for all that I do for her mom. This greeting blessed my heart. Lorraine and her husband Les joined New Tribes Mission in 1942. They left for Paraguay in 1949 with their 3 kids. (Two more were added to their family a bit later). They worked with the Lengua, (an unreached people group). Les translated the New Testament into the Lengua language. Among other things, Les served as the field director in Paraguay, taught at the New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin, and served on our executive board of New Tribes Mission in Sanford, FL. He also took on the ministry of encouragement to missionaries around the world in the 1980’s. Les and his wife Lorraine retired here at NTM Homes. Les went home to be with the Lord in 2013. Lorraine moved into our Assisted Living Facility in 2015. Lorraine has some memory issues and needs help in caring for herself. This is where I come in. I wash her clothes, sheets, and towels, remake her bed, and clean her bathroom and apartment. I also assist Lorraine when she misplaces things, needs help finding her way to Bible study or the dining room. I try to be a blessing in any way that I can be. I hope this gives you a window into my ministry here. (The above information was given to me by daughter Dee who has served the Lord with her husband in Paraguay for 35 years.)

Our mission leaders at our headquarters asked our leaders here at NTM Homes if Brad would be willing to assist the team in the finance office at the headquarters building. They have lost a number of their staff (due to illness, loss of visa, and/or retirement). They were really shorthanded and desperate for some help to carry the load. Brad was given permission to help them out for a time. Brad’s priority is to do the bookkeeping here, and then give any time that he can to helping with the finances over there. In other words, he is keeping busy.

As I have mentioned before, we have a half-hour chapel service here at NTM Homes each week day from 8:00 to 8:30. Brad will be sharing a devotional message from the Word on October 31st. I, Wanda, will be sharing some photos and a bit of information about our families. (The folks here like to get to know us better and want to know how they can pray for us.)

Please pray:

  • Wanda as I go about my duties in housekeeping and personal care of our residents in the Assisted Living Facility.
  • Brad as he juggles his responsibilities here at NTM Homes and now at Headquarters.
  • Brad and I both as we share with our residents and staff during chapel time.
  • We desire to be a blessing to our residents and staff members here (and Brad at HQ)

We are thankful to be part of this team.

By His grace,
Wanda (and Brad) Hull

(Ministering at NTM Homes)