The dinner was very well attended. Many of our guests were for the first time visiting and seeing what UIM aviation is all about. $8500 was given toward reaching tribal groups in Mexico! We would love to see more
monthly donors grow out of those who attended this dinner! When we fly a national pastor/leader out to a village, these monthly funds are what cover the cost of the flights. If you are feeling the Lord lead you to partner
in this ministry, please let us know.


UIMA recently received the insurance payout for the plane we lost this year. That is being spent towards purchasing another plane as I write. Paul and the guys will be busy with their new “baby” bringing it up to standards for flying in the rough mountain areas down in Mexico.

Fall 2014 Family News

Bethany is working at The International Christian School of Vienna, in Austria, until the end of Nov. She comes home December 6th! She is also applying to colleges for fall of 2015. She wants to major in American Sign Language and Bible.


Matthew (16 now) is adapting to college classes. He is also in the process of working towards getting into the Air Force Academy.


Gabriel recently turned 13 and is enjoying being in TREK at AWANA. We now have 3 teenagers in the house!


Miriam recently broke her pinky finger at the growth plate. She is once again in a cast (other hand this time).


Jesse has recently started asking deeper spiritual questions. Please pray with us for her clear understanding of Jesus sacrifice for her and that she will soon accept Christ as her personal savior.

Paul is currently in NC where he is purchasing a plane for UIMA. He will be flying it back to Tucson. By the time you read this he should be safely home.

Laurel is co-directing the 3-day Living Nativity. She has a lot going on, but this is more her type of fun! Faith Christian Academy is growing. We have 18 students this year. Each day is an opportunity to share Christ with these kids.


  • Boys Braces: Donations for this can be sent to UIM, designated Timblin Braces Project.
  • Promotions Director: Aviation experience not needed. (We are not going to put you to work on the planes!) Talking skills ARE needed to share what UIMA is all about. If you are interested in knowing more, please give us a call.