Yes, it FINALLY happened! Thanks to your prayers, the literacy trip that has been on again off again since last February did indeed come about and is now history! The team of missionaries working with the Pei people is incredible! Chris & Evie Jones, Candace Swift and Justin & Laruen Rees are “young blood” and clearly the wave of the future of what our up and coming missionaries will probably look like. What a privilege it is to work alongside them! They have a very effective literacy program in place and donning my consultant’s cap among them was a sheer joy. I did manage to give them a few suggestions that will hopefully help enrich their program AND make them feel the trip was indeed worth the time, effort and expense of getting me into Pei land.

The missionaries have 2 classes going – one a review practice reading and writing time for the adults who participated in the first 4 month class earlier this year. Many of these adults still struggle in their newfound skills and although the class is optional, they all faithfully come. Teaching grownups to grasp the concept of reading so that they are able to read with comprehension is a time intensive venture. We in America take literacy forgranted but many people have not had the lifetime exposure to books as we have. Please do pray for the literacy programs going on around the globe. Each individual being able to read God’s Word for themselves is certainly a matter worthy of the investment of your prayers!

“A person is literate when he can: READ anything which is written in a language which he speaks and UNDERSTAND everything which he can read just as well as if someone had spoken it to him; and when he can WRITE anything that he can say so that others can read it.” Sarah Gudschinsky

Rose–One very specific request – would you please pray especially for this Pei literacy student!

Rose is a young teenager with a genetic handicap. When I first met her a year and a half ago she was still able to walk about in the village by herself. Now she needs assistance to get around. She likely does not have long to live. There are no medical options avaliable to help her here in this country. Her family do little for her. Dittos on the others in her village. The missionaries help her get to and from school each day. In class she is probably the brightest of all the students – but she cannot talk other than at a very low whisper. Sometimes all she can do is mouth the words. Her co-ordination seriously affects her writing skills too – but she perseveres with gladness and joy.

Won’t you please pray:

  • That Rose will live long enough to hear the Good News of Jesus taught in her mother tongue. The team hopes to be able to begin foundational Bible teaching early next year.
  • Pray much that Rose’s mental capacity will continue to be strong and clear so that she can understand the truths of God’s Word as they are presented – and that she will come to see her need of Christ as her Savior.
  • Pray too as the missionaries continue to go the extra mile to assist Rose, that her own family and the other villagers will see the value in her life, limited and brief though it may be, and be more involved in reaching out to help her too.
  • The missionaries have several potential literacy teacher trainees in mind but these men have all left the village for a time to find more lucrative work. Pray that they will soon return, and that they will take on the challenge and responsibility of helping their fellow villagers there in Pei to learn to read and write in their own mother tongue.
  • I’ll appreciate your prayers too that perhaps one or more of the missionaries on this particularly team will be willing to take over the role of our regional literacy consultant when I retire! How many ways are there to thank you for your part in allowing me to be your representative here in PNG?

Use this link to view a pdf of more pics and stories of the trip to Pei!

As usual I am at a loss for words to adequately express my gratitude to you. I do appreciate you tremendously. Your thoughts, prayers, e-mail notes, and other evidences of our interest and support are always a tremendous encouragement.

Thank you for being a part of the team reaching out to God’s people here in Papua New Guinea!

Co-laboring together to bring back Christ as King!

Hope Sharp