Dear family and friends

Our family at Koropa where we lived before wanted to build us a small house so that we could stay overnight there sometimes. They seem to be very keen to have us up there again and they are really going ahead with it. Today we went up to help with putting the roof on.


On the way up we came across a landslide that completely blocked the road and brought a large pine tree down with it. We thought that we would have to turn around and go back and come in from another direction which would have been a lot longer. But we just put the car into four wheel drive and went through. There was a large crowd of people there shovelling dirt off it so that helped. We are having some trouble with the petrol tank starting to leak. Not badly yet but it is a concern. We finally arrived a bit late but better late than never Smile. The people were glad to see us. The photo shows them thatching the roof. The concrete slab in the foreground is all that remains of the house we lived in before. These people have not yet heard the gospel and we are praying that they will have the opportunity to hear it in the not too distant future.

The believers at Katagu are still coming for teaching but they haven’t been real consistent. Kokere has not been well and hasn’t come for a while so David went out and visited him on Monday. He is not well and we are praying for a way that he can continue to receive teaching.

Yours in our Lord Jesus Christ
David and Wendy