Dear family and friends,

There is a quote by Melody Beattie on one of the bulletin boards in our Assisted Living Facility. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” I walk by this particular quote quite a number of times each day. It has given me food for thought. Brad and I have so much to be thankful for. We both are in relatively good health. We have sufficient funds to meet our monthly bills. Our Heavenly Father loves us with an everlasting love. We have the Scriptures in our own language. We have family and friends who care about us. Wow! We are so blessed!

My friend Carol and I are planning to have another Movie Night on the 19th of November. We will be showing the movie “The Widow’s Might,” a Christian movie that has won the Dove Award. Besides the folks in our Assisted Living Facility and our retirees who live in the independent duplexes, our Royal Volunteers (Snowbirds) have started arriving back and will enjoy attending this event. I counted nine RVs in our RV park this morning. It’s great to have them back! They help us out in so many ways and are such a blessing.

A number of our residents who live in our Assisted Living Facility (ALF) have some serious health concerns. Our staff members need to come along side and assist them as their health declines. Our oldest resident in our ALF is 95 years old. Our oldest resident in the independent duplexes just turned 93 this past week. Retired missionaries here are dealing with memory issues, physical limitations, cancer treatments, etc.

We recently lost a member of our housekeeping team and there has been no one to fill her position. This means that two people are doing three people’s jobs. This is keeping us VERY busy. We have some volunteers who help to fill the gap, but this is not really ideal. We need a third person to work about 20 hours per week.

Brad no longer needs to regularly go over to our Headquarters Finance Office to fill a gap there. One of the volunteers who is down from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is helping out in the HQ Finance department. This frees up Brad to do other things once his own office work has been completed. He has been going on supply trips and helping to organize things in the garage. This gives him a bit of a break from the bookkeeping responsibilities.

The Mali Baining (Ma Lee Bye Ning) people group in Papua New Guinea is now hearing Biblical teaching in their own language. Many folks are showing a keen interest, but there is quite a bit of opposition. Other religious groups who are in the area are not teaching the true gospel of grace, but a false gospel based on works.

Our prayer concerns:

  1. Brad and I desire to have grateful hearts as we serve the Lord in our retirement community.
  2. There are many health concerns for our elderly population at NTM Homes.
  3. We are asking that God would supply our need for a third housekeeper.
  4. Pray for open hearts as missionaries teach the Mali Baining people.

With thankful hearts,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull