Dear Team Members, 

WOW, where has this year gone? Even though it has been a hard year physically and emotionally, God has been good and encouraged us each step of the way. We thank you sooooo much for journeying with us, and continuing to be there for us in soooo many ways Smile

We want to wish each of you a VERY SPECIAL THANKSGIVING DAY! How we THANK the LORD for HIS GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE when our faith is in Him as our Savior, and for each one of you, who He has brought into our lives!


It is exciting to hear of God’s Word continuing to be translated so the unreached can be reached for Christ. It is encouraging to hear from FOLK who we have had a part in training and then knowing YOU have had a part in our lives – the body of Christ ALL WORKING TOGETHER MEANS SOOOOO MUCH!

Our grandson Jayden is enjoying his time up in Papua New Guinea. He has been helping with an extension on the gymnasium, we believe, at our NTM Headquarters in the Highlands. He has been motor biking, bush walking, enjoying his time with his Uncle and Aunt and hanging out with his cousins! As he has opportunity to spend time with nationals, we expect it will be life changing for him! He has extended his time there for one month and will return to Australia on January 3rd. Know he would appreciate your continued prayers for his time there and for direction in his life when he returns to Australia!

This whole year has opened up opportunities to befriend medical staff, cancer patients and their families. What a JOY it has been to encourage them in the Lord. We believe that will continue so we ask you to continue to pray for us to be sensitive to the needs of those the Lord has us meet on the pathway of life.

I had an oncology treatment on last Thursday. December 1st is my last treatment, which we look forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be follow up doctor appointments, and I will be on Letrozole, a hormone blocker, for five years. I would appreciate your prayers as I struggle at times with lightheadedness, lower blood pressure, and extreme tiredness. I am trying to space the medications I am on, and pace myself better. I had blood tests on Thursday and they were a tiny bit better, which is good. Charlie is actually more tired than I am! We appreciate your continued prayers that we would both get better sleep.

Our Christmas letter will most likely come in the form of a NEW YEAR’S letter, as we are trusting to be able to go out to Kansas for Christmas. It has been 2 & 1/2 years since we were out there. We look forward to seeing Ray and Janelle, our grandchildren and their spouses, and also our two great grandchildren!!!!

We love you and trust our Father to encourage you as He does us,
Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s Musings:

We had a Ladies Day from Church: The Theme was “UNTANGLING TANGLED THREADS” Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 – These are a few thoughts that stood out to me: “THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF WISDOM IS THE ABSENCE OF WORDS!” “I have regrets, but have learned from them when understanding GRACE MORE!” “Her Aunty had so much quilting around the house, she didn’t have to dust!!! Smile” “In the dictionary, the only thing that comes before housework is crafts!”
When quilting, three threads make a stronger chain. It is ALSO true in the QUILT of LIFE! For myself, I am a strong person at times doing things alone, BUT that is not good for I have found that “In the multitude of counselors, there is safety!” Proverbs 26:6b
During this CANCER JOURNEY, SOOO MANY TIMES I have thought I am strong enough to do things all by Myself and then I crash Frown I am thankful for the LORD, HIS WORD, for my PATIENT LOVING HUSBAND CHARLIE, and for EACH ONE OF YOU! TOGETHER, YOU have been there for me during my VALLEY and have made my journey so much EASIER!
I have a photo of colorful threads. One side has lovely straight threads. The other side is a tangled mess. When I try to do things without the Lord, my life gets a tangled mess! THANKFULLY THOUGH, HE FORGIVES ME, UNTANGLING THE MESS, and TOGETHER WE continue this journey, until He calls me home to Heaven!