Dear family and friends,

One special blessing that we get to be part of by living here at NTM Homes is the stories that we hear from our retired folks. Each morning, Monday through Friday, retired missionaries and staff members attend chapel services from 8:00 to 8:30. Our times together begin with 15 to 20 minutes in the Word, singing, testimonies, or answers to prayer. The last 10 minutes are reserved for prayer requests and a time of prayer. Visitors, birthdays, and anniversaries are acknowledged. Can you tell that we have a great time together? Every Tuesday our administrator fills us in on what is happening around the property and within our fellowship. This includes the maintenance projects, residents who are coming and going or any other information we need to know.

There are 12 apartments (6 duplexes) on our street. When we moved here in March of 2011, we started get to know our new neighbors. There has been a big turnover as to these residents on our street in these past four plus years. Three of our neighbors have moved up to our assisted living facility. Two more neighbors are scheduled to join them soon. Two staff ladies have retired and moved to other parts of the USA. One fellow is now living in another facility in the local area. Two residents are now with the Lord. After folks move out of their duplex, our maintenance team does a refurbishing job on the house. All inside walls, doors, window frames, etc. get a new coat of paint. Floors are replaced with new carpet, tile, or laminate. Many times new countertops and kitchen cabinets are installed. In other words, the place is made ready for its new resident(s). Right now there are 3 empty apartments on our street. One lady on staff at our mission headquarters will be moving into her “new” apartment sometime in December.

A staff friend and I planned an activity for our residents. We had a Movie Night. We showed the movie “The Summer of the Monkeys” in our chapel on a Friday evening. We got help with the audio visual part of the evening, since we had not yet been trained to use this equipment. I learned how to use the popcorn machine. We had close to 50 who came out for the activity. We received a lot of good feedback about the evening. We are now making plans to show a holiday movie this coming Friday. We are hoping to make this a once a month activity for our folks here.

After seeing his primary care physician, Brad set up an appointment with a rheumatologist. We were both surprised at how long it has taken for him to get in to see the specialist. Brad has an appointment for the 30th of November. Hopefully Brad will be able to get some relief from the fatigue that he has been coping with for many years now.

Please pray:

  • Wanda – that I will be a blessing to our residents in our assisted living facility as I clean rooms and interact with them
  • Wanda – that I will be able to prioritize the extra cleaning jobs that I want to get done (carpet cleaning, window washing, cleaning ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Wanda – that I will continue to have good health and energy to complete the tasks God has for me
  • Brad – that the specialist will be able to help with Brad’s health issues
  • Brad – that he will continue to be a blessing to folks here as he pays bills, and attends to other financial business about the place
  • Brad – that he will know how best to use his afternoons as he helps out the maintenance and /or grounds crews

We rejoice in Lord! We are thankful for all the Lord’s blessings. We are thankful for all that He does in and through our lives. He is faithful! Thanks for showing an interest in our lives. Thanks too for your prayers on our behalf. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as your reflect on the Lord’s goodness in your life.

By His grace,
Wanda (and Brad) Hull