Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing well and are encouraged these days!! It’s shocking to hear all the tragic news from around the world, but it is exciting to think that very soon now, Jesus will be returning to take His children home!! What a day that will be, when we see Him face to face! I’m looking forward to standing before God in heaven, and to worship around the throne with dozens of Mengen friends! It makes me want to jump for joy to think that the wickedness of this earth will be one day destroyed! Satan and his band of terrorists will not win. Christ has already defeated them. Hallelujah, what a Savior.


We are excited to see the Mengen church thriving these days, not only in our home village, but also in several new places. Our Mengen missionaries have been busy discipling new believers and will soon start teaching the “Creation to Christ” lessons in a couple of different locations. How wonderful to see Christ being proclaimed by men who once lived in spiritual darkness themselves!!

As for me, I am VERY excited to report that a few days from now, I will be returning to our village for a visit. During this time, all the Mengen believers from various locations will be coming to a conference put on by our church. I can’t wait to meet all these new brothers and sisters whom I’ve never seen before!! I’m also anxious to sit down with my Mengen family who I haven’t seen for nearly a year! No doubt it will be a time of great rejoicing! I’ve also heard that there is a whole new crop of babies for me to hold, about 9 of them, so that will be fun!! Our missionary Bruce and his wife just had a baby girl who joined her 5 older brothers!! Can’t wait to get some baby cuddles in.

After the first week of visiting and hanging out with all the various believers, my last 2 weeks will be spent doing some intense checking of my recently translated books of the Bible. I have 4 books which I’m currently working on, so I’m praying that I’ll have time to go through all 4 of them with someone in the village. I’m in the end stages of these books and am anxious to finish them up so we can get them printed and into the hands of the Mengen people.

Praise and Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord that my co-workers the Laureti family have returned from their furlough and will be moving back into our village again.
  • Pray for Marie as she home-schools 4 kids. Pray that the kids as they transition back into village life.
  • Pray too for Lourens as he disciples and encourages the Mengen church, especially for the Bible teachers. We have seen each one struggle and grow this year. We are looking for faithful men who will lead the church.
  • Praise the Lord for the growth of the Mengen believers in various villages. We are excited to see several younger guys in the new outreach village who have a hunger to follow the Lord.
  • Pray for a great time of fellowship and encouragement next weekend during the first-ever Mengen believers conference.
  • Pray for health and strength for me as I return to the village and press ahead with Bible translation. I have been battling a cold the past week and my energy levels are pretty low.

Thanks so much for being an integral part of the team reaching the Mengen people with the Gospel of Christ! I appreciate your prayers and financial support so much.

Pressing on till He returns,