We once again want to thank you for your faithful prayers and financial giving. Some plant, some water, but it is God who continues giving the increase.

Steve was invited to preach at Hosana Baptais Sios (Hosanna Baptist Church) two weeks ago. As he was speaking, Steve noticed that one man had tears running down his face.

During the invitation, the man raised his hand that he needed to confess his sins to God and accept Jesus Christ’s payment for his sin, death on the cross, so that his sins would be forgiven. The pastor asked Steve to take him into the pastor’s study for counseling.

The man, Damien, is a notorious criminal who has led a life of crime. He said that he had done everything, except murder. The verse came to Steve’s mind that anyone who looks upon a man with hate in his heart has committed murder in God’s sight. Guilty, vile and helpless he called out to God. God faithfully lifted Damien out of the miry pit of sin and placed his feet upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

Due to fact that the numbness is increasing in Steve’s right hand, we have made the decision to depart the field earlier than scheduled to seek medical attention in the USA. We asked God to show us clearly that this was His plan for us at this time. We have been making preparations to leave the Papua New Guinea field and now seemed to be the time to start liquidating our assets here. In just two weeks, practically all of our possessions have been sold.

Please discontinue sending any mail for us to Papua New Guinea as we plan to be gone within four weeks. Four weeks is the time that it takes for mail to travel from the USA to PNG.

We will be returning to the Kansas City area in wintertime, leaving behind summertime here in Goroka. We will have an immediate need of a vehicle until we locate something more permanent. Please contact us is you know of a vehicle that will be available to purchase or to use during our initial arrival. We are scheduling doctor appointments, so some form of transportation is a necessity.

Please pray as Steve speaks at Goroka Baptist this Sunday and as we say farewell to friends.
Please pray for all the details to build, pack and ship a crate with some of our belongings.
Please pray for the final closing of our ministry here and for what awaits us in the USA.
Please pray for wisdom as the doctors and technicians will be trying to determine what is causing Steve’s symptoms.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt