Ministry News:

Co-workers, Dave ad Olivia, pictured below, recently flew down to Tepic, MX to join the team. Now we are looking for a place to hangar the plane! The two other missionary families are working through the not-so-easy process of obtaining visas.


A small missionary aviation organization based in Mexico approached us last month to discuss working together. They also have a passion to reach the indigenous people of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Please pray for wisdom as we discuss this endeavor.

The airstrip in Chihuahua, where the UIMA hangar is located, is still closed! Our two families there continue working to get it re-registered. This is a tedious process but we pray to have it done by the end of the year. Until then we use the International airport. So, what’s the big deal with that you say? Well, it is more costly, and we HAVE an equipped hangar just sitting empty, so we need to use it!

Team Health Challenges

Blake Haines, 20 year old son of our co-workers Bart and Kim, was at a trampoline park on September 8th when he landed in the foam pit and broke his neck. Doctors stabilized the vertebra with rods and screws and at the time of the accident, he was paralyzed from the neck down. Blake is now in Phoenix at the Barrows Neurological Institute for physical therapy and is making progress in his recovery. He is able to move his arms and maneuver himself in a motorized chair. For updates, “like” the Facebook page Pray for Blake Haines.

Bryon Brock, our Director of UIM Aviation, was admitted to the hospital with severe diverticulitis which perforated, making it necessary to remove a section of his colon. He is doing well but his complete recovery is going to take time. Bryon provides great leadership and direction to the UIM Aviation team. Please pray for his recovery to go smoothly and that he will heal without any infection.

We need prayer for the rest of the team as responsibilities are shuffled and the guys take on “different hats.” Sure seems like Satan is doing all he can to stop this work from proceeding.

Family News

Dan, Chrissy and kids came to visit! Chrissy is a long-time family friend of Paul’s so it has been neat getting to know them and see our kids form friendships.

Bethany recently had a kidney scan searching for the cause of pains she has been having off and on for two years now. The scan came back clear, which is a good thing, but frustrating as the Drs can’t seem to fig-ure out what is wrong Please pray with us for answers.

Thank you for holding us all before the Lord!

Love, Paul and Laurel