The Month of Strategic Planning

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed “Proverbs 15:22

There are no attention grabbing pictures on this month’s update. There are no interesting ministry stories to share. There are no exciting trips to track.

However, the month of October was anything but boring.

The whole Sous Espwa team which includes representatives of the agencies of World Renew, Christian Reformed World Missions and Back to God Ministries International met many times to discuss the future of ministry here in Haiti. We could call this month “the month of meetings.”

Here are a few of the critical pieces of our work that we evaluated, rewrote and agreed upon together. We praise God for His presence and direction as we committed to the following:

Sous Espwa’s Vision

We see churches and communities together, transform­ ing Haiti where the Kingdom of God is experienced through God’s love, peace, justice, compassion, and submission to Christ’s Lordship.

Sous Espwa’s Mission

As a community of Christians and an association of CRCNA agencies in Haiti, we, Sous Espwa, collaborate with Christian organizations, churches, and communities to promote holistic development for the glory of God.

Sous Espwa’s Covenant

The staff members of the joint ministry of BTGMI, World Renew and CRWM in Haiti, named Sous Espwa, pledge to work together to accomplish our mutual mission and vision so that the manifestations of God’s Kingdom may be increasingly seen and experienced in Haiti.
There are three crucial components to this covenant:

  1. Covenant of Collaboration
  2. Covenant of Conflict Resolution
  3. Covenant of Communication

Howard leading the people of Layay in a community transfor­mation exercise:
the need to work together to make change.

Strategies that Sous Espwa will use to achieve its Vision and Mission

1. Transformational Community Development:

We encourage community led change and empower­ment throughout development and disaster response interventions. Communities that are empowered set their own development agenda, mobilize their own lo­ cal resources, manage the process, and do their own advocacy with governments and donors.

2. Media Development:

We provide radio broadcast programming with a special focus on promoting a Christian world view, and developing Bible courses and literature that will aid adults, youth, and children in their faith development.

3. Leadership Development:

We collaborate with our partners nurturing existing and emerging leaders at all ages through appropri­ate formal and non-formal education programs so that community – transforming, servant leaders emerge to take their place in their families, churches, neighbor­hoods, schools, business etc.

4. Networking Development:

We endorse and facilitate local networking of part­ners and institutions and international networking between North American churches and Christian in­terest groups/businesses with Haitian churches, SE partners, and communities.

5. Sustainability and High Office Capacity Development:

We increase the capacity of the SE Office Staff and encourage the partners to become more effective and efficient and to develop sustainability ministries.

6. Church Development:

We assist Haitian congregations to become more ef­fective in evangelism, meeting the physical and emo­tional needs in their congregations and communities (community development and pastoral care), worship and preaching, making disciples, teaching the Chris­tian faith, and promoting justice and reconciliation in their communities.

7. Cross-Cutting Themes:

Cross-Cutting Themes “cut across” all strategies and have an impact on how each of our strategies is carried out. Currently we have two cross-cutting themes which are gender mainstreaming and Biblical world view teaching.

We promote biblically-based gender-sensitive programming, organizational structures, procedures and relationships for and with our own staff, partners, and the community members.

We integrate a Biblical World view teaching into every area of our ministry (including the relation­ships we form with colleagues, our partner training, community programs, etc.) which promotes Christian hope and confidence in a sovereign, loving, and just God.

Networking means bringing people and groups together
to study, learn and work with one another.

Items for Prayer:

  • Pray that as we commit our vision, mission, covenant and strategies to the Lord, that He wi ll help us be faithful to them, to each other and to Himself and that God wi II be honored and g lorified through them .
  • Pray for good health .It seems this is the season for the flu and colds and several of us are a bit run down and missing school, etc.
  • Pray for Jean Claude Jean, our of fice driver and “runner.” He was hospitalized this week for very high blood pressure and severe pain. Thankfully he is home now, but they have yet to determine the cause of the pain.
  • Pray for Taressa at Calvin College.She has declared Business as her major and has some difficult courses this semester.
  • Pray for our partners and all the communities they are working in, that they would be an instrument of grace where ever you send them .
  • Pray for the beautiful country and people of Haiti.

Items for Praise :

  • Praise God for important times to plan, pray and work together as a team.
  • Praise God for His amazing grace and power in our lives. What a privilege to serve the One True God.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed “Proverbs 16:3