Dear family and friends,

God is SO good! I am often wowed by His mercy and love. His grace overwhelms me.  I am amazed at His wonderful creation. I will share just one example of how God’s creation was recently viewed as something spectacular by my first and second grade students.

 We have been studying birds in science class. As some of you may know, I am an amateur bird watcher. I began bird watching when we lived in Thailand. I saw hundreds of different species in the jungles around our house. Over the years I have seen birds in many other countries as well. These include hoopoes, cockatoos, hornbills, cassowaries, and many other smaller and brilliantly colored species. God  truly showed His creativity when he was creating birds!



One homework assignment for my students was to identify a minimum of 12 different bird species in the wild. God brought one special bird right to us. On a Tuesday, while I was on recess duty,  a bald eagle landed in a tree in our school yard. The word quickly spread and soon every single student in our school was gazing up at this magnificent looking bird.

Since I had my binoculars in my classroom, I instructed each of my students on how to use them and everyone got a close look at our national bird. It is something that they are still talking about. I know that it was the closest look that I have ever had of a bald eagle. Since then we have seen a bald eagle circling overhead during our lunch time. Hopefully I have inspired my students to think of our Creator as they observe some of the creatures that he has made.

Last weekend, one of the residents here at the Latham Center (assisted living facility) had a birthday. Helen Goddard turned 95 years old. She is living in the independent wing of our facility and is able to take care of herself, take her medicines and come to meals in the dining hall. Helen is a joy to be around. You will often see her at the puzzle table or at the piano playing some old hymns of the faith. Helen is listed in our directory as having 44 years of active service in Paraguay. Helen’s son Dean and his wife are also retired residents at NTM Homes. They are living in one of the independent duplexes on the property. The younger Goddard’s served for 45 years (also in Paraguay).  It is truly a blessing to be able to serve those how are true servants of the Lord,  in their later years.

I, Wanda, spend most of my time with the younger generation (kindergarten through 6th grade), Brad spends his time with the older ones here at the NTM retirement homes (ages 65 to 95). We both find time to spend with the folks in the middle age bracket. I have the fellow teachers at school and Brad interacts with the different ones on the Homes staff.  There are the normal team meetings and fellowship times that go with any job.  We are both glad to be part of a local church, Crossway Church in Orange City.  We now know the 3 pastors and their families, but we are still getting to know people in the congregation.  Our pastor calls it “our faith family.” I like that. We are looking forward to getting to know more of those  in our faith family in the days and months ahead.

The Hamtai Bible translation project  is still in process. Jack and Edna, two of our “retired” folks here, are making corrections on the formatted copies as they compare them with the missionary copy done by the Palmers. The books of Matthew and Mark are finished and they are now working on Luke and John. There is SO much work that is involved with getting the Bible  into the hands of the tribal people.

Please pray:
  • We will keep our eyes focused on our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • We will faithfully spend time reading and studying His Word.
  • We will desire to put Him first in all that we do.
  • We  will be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
  • We will have thankful hearts for all that God has done for us through His Son.
  • For Jack and Edna as they check the formatted copies of the New Testament. The sooner this is completed the sooner the believers will have their own personal copy of the scriptures

Tomorrow I plan to teach my students the song “Count your Blessings.” As believers we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ. When we count our blessings, we also think of you!

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull