Hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve written, mainly because I’ve been fighting through 3 colds in the past 2 months. Talk about being “under the weather”! Thankfully I am much better now and just in time for a lot of activity at the Brickyard!

We began a roofing project last week, simple enough, just replacing the old shingles with galvanized ones. BUT when the group got to the BY, the owner of the building informed us that the neighbor was taking issue with the slant of the roof and insisted that we redo the half that faces his property. This actually came up when we built the church building years ago, but at the time all the hard feelings that existed between these land owners were smoothed over, and the present roof was agreed upon. Now there are more hard feelings, so the roof becomes an issue again. So, please pray for the additional finances needed to rebuild the roof, and for time and ability for the group to do the new extensive project.

The same guy, Beto, who owns the church property, is having problems with his own brother Francisco. (There are ALWAYS petty fights amongst the people at the BY!) This has led to both men withdrawing themselves from assembling with the believers on Sunday. Pray for these two men, that they would be reconciled. Beto is a Christian and should know better, but he is still a baby in Christ and needs to learn about PRACTICAL forgiveness of others. Francisco is not saved, and he is using this controversy to turn his back on Christianity as a whole. Thankfully both of the wives, Linda and Lupe respectively, are mature enough to not let this dispute keep them from coming to Bible class and Sunday worship.

This week begins the last doctrinal section, a study of the end times. Pray that these classes would be 1) INTERESTING (it’s sometimes hard to communicate abstract and historical content); and 2) PRACTICAL to their daily lives, that they would grow in their faith and live it out.

Besides the Friday classes, there is a lot of other activity: my Mexican church Jerusalem is holding a medical outreach next Saturday; I continue to be involved in marketing the ladies’ Christmas ornaments and other crafts; we are planning a Winter Festival for Dec 21 with lots of games and food. Please pray for these socio-economic outreaches to be a practical means of showing Christ’s love to the entire community, and that it would draw them to hear the Word. And pray for ME, for wisdom in all this planning and organizing, for strength and physical wellness, and for spiritual strength (it’s easy to get too busy for my own relationship with God, ridiculous, isn’t it?). Pray that the Lord would open doors to sell the ladies’ crafts and that HE would recruit people to help for all the other activities.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to remember these prayer requests. I truly value your service of prayer on my behalf!!