Dear praying friends,

            As the days fly past, I have put off, for WAY too long, sending out an update.  We do really value your prayers, and altho’ Doug has taken the recent biopsy results ‘in his stride’ he was also disappointed to hear that the small break in the corner of his mouth is cancer.  We have no surgery date as yet, and the plastic surgeon said that they plan to cut conservatively, and hopefully have no need of any skin graft.  Doug’s endoscope in October was normal for which we are thankful.


Over the past few weeks, Rachel’s husband, Brad has been in hospital with blood clots in his lungs.  He is home and pacing himself and pretty much able to carry on with his chaplaincy position, but the doctor is also concerned about his liver function.  Rachel was off work for a few days with a chest infection, and just this week, they have also found our that their youngest, Chelsea, has glandular fever.  Raewyn’s husband has been in hospital, and Rhesa’s third daughter, Robbie Jayelle is supporting a cast on her right forearm, having broken her little finger at the growth plate.  Her trumpet playing days maybe over, unless she can teach herself to play left handed.

Here in Perth, we all seem to be busy – thankful to the Lord for the health and energy He gives.  Brad, Rachel and 3 will be in the eastern states for Christmas, so next Saturday we will be having our family Christmas.  The children especially are getting excited.  Raewyn continues ‘house hunting’ – she did put a bid on a house this week, but she was out bidded!  It was in a GREAT location, but the house had been a rental house for many years, and needed a LOT of work to make it nice.  So we continue to look here and there….

Bryan and Renee have been renting for nearly 2 years, and had hoped to stay on another year or so – then last week they had a phone call from the owners of the house to say they are leaving the mines and returning to Perth, and would they please vacate the house by 13th January.  So…  we could have a VERY  FULL house come January.  Bryan, Renee plus 5 are planning on doing some traveling and ‘country nursing’ over the coming months, and they just may have been pushed into it a lot sooner.

Sending our love and thanks across the miles.

Doug and Bev