Dear Friends,

I guess it has been awhile since I wrote. Life has been busy, especially with family get togethers. In Mid-October we had a wonderful family Christmas. A big roast dinner and gift exchange with all 27 or us here. Many birthdays to celebrate and we are using any excuse to spend time with Bryan, Renee and 5 children before they return to Alaska. The countdown has begun. Earlier this month, we celebrated Heidi-anne’s 21st birthday with a delightful “High Tea”… this weekend, we are celebrating Bryan’s 40th birthday, and Robbie Jayelle’s 16th birthday, then we have an “Open House” all afternoon, for people to come and say “Good Bye” to the Morris family who fly out the next day. The same week is James’ 22nd birthday. How grateful I am for my family, who have been constantly in my life and helping will my days.

Renee and family will move in with me this weekend, and spend the last week here, while completing the packing up and cleaning of the house in which they have been living these past 18 months.

At the beginning of November I did a 5 km walk raising money for school chaplains. Heidi-Anne is a school chaplain at two primary schools. Rachel has had her holidays recently, and she, Brad and Chelsea went east to spend time with Brad’s parents. James will be flying to the States with the Morris family and spending a few months overseas, before returning in time for the new intake at university where he plans to study nursing.

Bobby, Rhesa and girls continue to ‘find their feet’ here in Perth. Bobby is studying a very intense IT course. Rhesa is studying – doing an Education Assist course, which also includes 3 days of practical work at a local school. Rhianah and Raylea are working in child care, although Raylea is in the process of applying for university, to also study nursing. Robbie and Raiyah seem to have settled well into school, making some lovely friends and involved in the school’s music and drama programmes.

I have loved having Renee’s 5 children here one morning a week, and the girls and I have worked on some crafts together. Ezekiel is beginning to express himself in words! Oh what a blessing that little guy has been. Keenan and Thaddeus are excited to return to the ‘ice and snow’…. But I think they will miss the warmer weather and swimming pool, too. Both boys have grown a lot taller over the past year or so.

Raewyn and Gregan are keeping better health. Raewyn has added painting to her work load, but seems to be enjoying it.
David and Roxanne are busy, busy, busy. I go out to their place two mornings a week and stay with the three children until it is time to walk them to school. We are presently reading the story of Gladys Aylward together, having read Helen Keller’s story earlier.

When I have time I still keep my hand in at some scrap booking, cross stitching, quilting and embroidery. With the help of a friend, and gifts of rose bushes, I am gradually getting a lovely garden established – just in time for a long hot summer!
Tomorrow I will be sharing at a womens’ missionary meeting. It is a blessing to still be involved in this way. I have had no new news of the Owininga since I last wrote, but continue to thank the Lord for the work He is doing in their lives. Thank you for sharing in their story!