Dear Friends and Family,
IT has been a few weeks since I mentioned a possible return to P.N.G. As of this point of time, i will not be going to P.N.G. THIS YEAR… One of the main reasons I was praying about heading up that way was to home school a couple of young children. Someone younger has offered to cover that need, so for now, I am focusing on a trip to the States to visit friends, supporters and Renee, Bryan and family.
I leave early June, and fly direct Perth, Sydney, Dallas… I am SO excited to visit friends – some I haven’t seen for scores of years… and others, not so long… from Texas, I go across to Denver, Colorado, and up to Sterling for a Missions weekend, then across to Salt Lake City, UTAH… next will be Florida, at and/or near the NTM headquarters.

I next fly to LAX, and travel down to San Diego, then north to Portland, OREGON, before flying up to Alaska for 4 weeks. Coming back south, I head to Kansas, across to ARIZONA, all before flying back to Dallas, TEXAS, from where I hop on my flight back to Australia. I am NOT looking forward to all the flights and hours in airports – BUT… seeing friends and Renee and family again, will make it ALL worthwhile.

Thank you for praying with me and for me.

Day by day and week by week I seem to be busy, in and out of the house… David, Roxanne and family keep busy, and the children, since Easter, have begun basketball and piano lessons, just to add to their busy schedules. I continue to drive out there a few times a week to walk the children to school on the mornings Roxanne has an early start at the Baptist College where she teaches. So thankful my car battery went flat on a morning other than a school morning!!!

Raewyn has changed some of her hours at work, so I now have Gregan each Tuesday afternoon/evening. We have some good times together, and I enjoy doing a little maths, writing and reading with him while he is here. This week he was struggling with his asthma again.
Bryan and Renee have begun looking at houses… and the thaw has been happening in Anchorage, so it is always a good thing when the sun comes out and dries the roads out a little.

Bobby seems to be doing well with his job, and passed the last BIG exam he had… Rhesa’s hours and class rooms changed, with her job as an Educator Assist. Rhianah is busy studying, studying, studying. Finishing off her YMCA childcare course… her Accountancy as an external student, and now attending Curtin University, studying Social work. Raylea is thankful for more hours of work, Robbie has a couple of night/weekend jobs along with some heavy subjects she is studying at school. Raiyah has great classes, teacher and loves playing trumpet in the school band.

That leaves Brad, Rachel and three… Brad is wearing a “moon boot” after ‘doing’ his ankle at basketball this week – he spent a night in hospital, but is home and back at work. Rachel, has changed her day off from Tuesday, to Monday (giving her a long weekend) – which she is enjoying. James is back at university, studying nursing, Heidi has a new job (less stressful thus the dermatitis on her hands is a little more under control)… and Chelsea is shining as Head Girl.

On the anniversary of Doug’s promotion to glory, Rachel presented me with a lovely photo book – an overview of Doug’s and my lives. So precious. I spent the morning of the 21st at the same clinic where Doug spent a LOT of his time, seeing his plastic surgeon. This week, I had an SCC cut out of my arm!!

This is becoming an epistle. I really should stop – wish you each one a blessed day…. And with thanks and praise to the Lord for His unending strength and encouragement, I send you these greetings.

In the bonds of Calvary,