Dear Friends,

Greetings from “this side” of the ocean!! I’ve been in the USA for about two weeks now, and what a whirlwind it has been! It was wonderful to spend time with family for the first week. Now I’m enjoying time with Keri and her family and friends in California. We’re having such a GREAT time travelling around and seeing the sites! It will be sad to leave my good friends, but I’m anxious to see the rest of my family again!


Things in PNG are moving right along, and it is a joy to hear of the faithfulness of our Bible teachers as they continue to “feed the flock.” The believers in our home village continue to work their way through the book Acts as well as finishing up the “Creation to Christ lessons.” Please be in prayer for our Bible teachers as they carry a heavy load.

A couple of days ago we received news that one of our Mengen missionaries Bruce is very, very sick. Sounds like he has a strong case of malaria and I’m not sure of what other complications. Lord willing by now he has been able to get some medical help, but I haven’t heard any updates today. I know that he certainly has been busy and stressed out, which is just when malaria hits a person! Please pray for Bruce and his wife and little children. Pray that that Bruce would get the help he needs and that the malaria would be eradicated out of his system. Pray too for his co-worker Kamilus and his wife as they are also very tired and stressed out with the work load. We are trusting the Lord to raise up another family who could come alongside and help these missionaries, taking a bit of the load off their shoulders.

Thanks so much for your prayers. Looking forward to seeing many of you over the next several weeks. I’ll be in Alberta until the end of June and will be heading to Connecticut to see my sister for a couple of weeks before returning to PNG.

Thanks for being a blessing.