Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. I know this update is long overdue, but it has taken me awhile to get settled back into a routine again! I’ve been back in our village for just over 2 weeks now, and it has been a bit of a blur, with getting unpacked and set up. My office was full of frogs for some reason, so we’ve chased out about 7 of them in the past couple of weeks! (Thankfully we haven’t come across anything too scary, other than the frogs!) Keri had done a huge amount of work before I arrived, and thankfully most things were clean and set up when I arrived! I just had my own stuff to deal with, which is plenty of work!

This last week I started back into work, helping to check and format some Bible lessons and I have also started looking at my translation on 1 Corinthians again. It is exciting for me to be back into the work that’s so special to me and I can’t wait to be finishing up more of Scripture for the Mengen church. Please pray that my Bible translation work would go quickly and be very clear in the Mengen language.

Life in the village is also very busy, especially for our church. At the moment, our guys are teaching the “Creation to Christ” Bible lessons, 3 evenings a week. Please pray for those who are attending. Several of them are unbelievers and several of them are new believers, so it is important that this foundational teaching is clear for them.

The church also has 2 different discipleship classes going, one for the ladies and one for the men. It has been exciting for us to see the Mengen believers begin to mature and grow in their understanding. One of our main goals is that the believers are able to handle Scripture for themselves, and to be able to locate specific books, chapters and verses in their Bibles. It has been fun to see the ladies “beat” the men when it comes to memorizing the books of the Bible. Even the younger kids can say them pretty well, so that’s really cute to see. Keri is busy leading the ladies class, and would like to train a couple of Mengen women to take over for her. Our goal for the next few months and years is to see the Mengen church functioning entirely on their own without the immediate assistance of us missionaries! We are thankful for the ones who are already taking the lead, and it won’t be long before the church won’t “need us” as much.

I had a very special joy this morning that I have to share with you. During the year I was home in Canada, our Mengen church commissioned and sent out its first two missionary families. The one wife is a special friend. Her name is Sepin and I got to see her for the first time since being back here in PNG. She and her husband, along with another couple, have moved about 10 hours hike away and are currently teaching “Creation to Christ”, down in another village. They are actually teaching 2 different classes, so have Bible lessons on the go about 6 days a week!! Very busy. Anyways, it was such a tremendous joy to hear Sepin talk about their troubles, trials and answers to prayer! It is amazing to hear how the Lord is taking care of them and how the people are responding to the message of God’s Word. They are more than halfway through the lessons and will soon be starting into the New Testament, teaching about Jesus, the Redeemer who has come to save us from our sins!

Please pray for Kamilus (caw-me-loose) and his wife Sepin (Say-pin). Also for their co-workers Bruce and his wife Apite (api-tay) as they reach the unsaved people in this new village. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few! These 2 couple have had requests from other locations to hear the Bible teaching, however we don’t have enough Bible teachers to send yet! Also, in most of these areas, they also need literacy training, as many of the people cannot read or write, which greatly hinders them from reading Bible lessons and Scripture portions.
Thanks so much for your faithful prayers for me and also the Mengen church. It is a tremendous privilege to be part of what the Lord is doing here in Papua New Guinea.