Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your prayers for me.  What a month it has been!  Although I miss my life in PNG, I’m so thankful to be home in Canada again, amongst the friends and family here.  It has been a busy time in some ways and in other ways, very restful.

Last week I had the privilege of attending a 3 day evangelism seminar.  It was great to get a fresh perspective on the Gospel and learn new ways to share my faith.  Often I get so involved in my own ministry, that it is great to be reminded of other needs around the world.

After the seminar, my parents and I spent the weekend in one of the most beautiful places in the world—Banff, Alberta.  What a joy it was to be able to soak in the beauty of the mountains, catching glimpses of tiny wildflowers and various birds and animals through the trees!  It’s so exciting to watch the arrival of Spring, with all the wonders of Creation coming alive!

In my spare time, I am putting together a book of stories which my great-grandma had written about her childhood.  Her parents were some of the first pioneers to our area, so it has been pretty fun to read all about her adventures— all along the same lines as “Little House on the Prairie”.  It is great to know that I come from such a rich heritage of people who loved the Lord and walked with Him through many trials and hardships.  I have more than 100 stories, plus quite a few photos from the early 1900’s, so it has been a big job, organizing and assembling it all together.

Well, it sounds like things are going well in PNG.  There are several major things coming up in the days ahead, and we would appreciate your prayers.

1.   Keri will be going through the final check of the book of Luke and also Ephesians over the next couple of weeks.  Pray for wisdom and strength for her as well as her two Mengen helpers and the translation consultants who will be assessing her work.

2.   Pray also for the Flanagans.  They recently received difficult news that their unborn baby has a serious heart defect.  Shortly after birth (due in August), their new little one will have to undergo surgery.  Pray for peace for their entire family during this difficult time.

3.   Pray for Wrights as they prepare to return to PNG in September.  Pray especially for Katelyn and Andrew as they will be attending Millar Bible College this Fall.  Pray that Lord would give comfort and peace to their family, as they will be separated for a couple of years.

4.   Pray for the Mengen church, as they prepare to start Bible teaching in a couple of new locations.  This is a HUGE step for them—one that we have been praying about for a long time.  Pray for our young Bible teachers, pray that the Lord would give them calm hearts and that they would be able to present God’s Word clearly.  Pray especially that the Lord would prepare the hearts of these people, as it will be the first time they have heard the Bible taught in their own language.

Thanks so much for your prayers for me.  I appreciate you all so very much.  Lord willing I’ll be able to see many of you in the days ahead.