Dear Friends and Family,


Well, it is finally a book, and we are pleased with the result. A sample copy of the newly printed revised Hamtai New Testament was sent to Jon Frazier in the NTM Communications office.  We all rejoiced as Jon handed me the sample copy sent to him so that the balance of the bill could be paid off for the 6,000 copies. They are on their way to Pennsylvania to the Yarnells’, our friends who are going to put them on a container and ship them to Papua New Guinea.

However, before a shipment of New Testaments is dispatched, Communications inspects them to see if there are any faulty ones. To avoid having to send them here for inspection, Jon and I are flying up to Pennsylvania on Monday, May 13th. We will work with Bob and some local church volunteers to spot check one or two volumes from each box. After inspection, they will be put in plastic carrying bags which the people will get with the purchase of their New Testament. 


Please pray for:

1.  Safety in our travels. Son Joel will pick Jon and me up and take us to spend the night with him and family and then go on to the Yarnells’ Global Ministry Supply, the site of the container. I’ll get to see Joel and Ruthi and most of their children, and one great granddaughter we haven’t seen yet. Corinne won’t be going because of budget concerns. Pray for her staying here alone. However, there are plenty of friends close by.

2.  Successful inspection, finding minimum of faulty copies.

3.  That there will be room on the container to send all the books along with items being sent to other missionaries in PNG.

4.  For safe arrival in Lae and transportation in trucks to the site of the planned dedication ceremony, located at the former base of operations of our Hamtai work, in the Watut Valley.

5.  For the Hamtai church leadership as they plan the celebration.

6.  That each family will see the importance of their children having their own copy, costing probably the equivalent of $3.00 – 5.00 US.

7.  For Corinne’s hip to heal before we leave for PNG, probably in August, when we think the ship with the New Testaments should arrive. For Tom’s headaches behind the left eye, that the Dr. will be able to find the cause of the continual pain.

8.  That our need for a visa to enter PNG again will be met somehow, either with a longer term visa which our people in Port Moresby have applied for, or a normal 60-day visitor’s visa, which can be extended to 90 days. Feels odd to have to become a visitor to our land of adoption for so many years. But that might be the way it will be.

By God’s faithfulness,

Tom and Corinne Palmer