Dear Prayer Supporters,

Four weeks ago, Elise’s dad was playing tennis. There is doubt now whether he will live through the day. Disease can take us quickly.

We are very sad and grief-stricken over the rapid decline of Elise’s dad’s health. What began as stomach surgery, quickly changed to cancer. to widespread cancer, to hospice care and terminal illness.


God has blessed us with His peace and strength through the whole process. We are thankful for Elise’s brother, who has taken two weeks off work to be with his dad; we are thankful for Elise’s step-mom, Barbara, who has been a wonderful wife for ten plus years and taken great care of him. Both of Barbara’s sons have come to help and we are so thankful for their support and love during this time. In addition, there are many family members and friends who have rallied around to help, support, love and pray.

We a couple of prayer requests.

  1. Wednesday, we leave Bratislava at 7:30 AM to begin the trip to Austin. We arrive around 8:30 PM and would ask prayer for the travel.
  2. Pray that we would be able to help Barbara and Elise’s brother, David… They have carried a heavy burden.
  3. Pray for Ryan, Summer and Bret. There are so many possibilities, I don’t even know how to word the request. Just pray for them to have wisdom in knowing whether to travel and when to do so.
  4. Last, pray that we would honor the Lord. He has already proven so faithful in giving us peace and strength that leaves us amazed. We want to bring Him glory, both through the good days and the hard ones.

Thanks so much for your love and prayer.

In His Love,

Trey and Elise