Dear friends and family,

 Spring is almost here, winter really never came, and we are very glad about that!  It seems that Europe had hardly any winter and America got hit really hard!!  However, in early February Elise experienced a severe ice storm and nationwide power failures in Slovenia while she was there helping to lead a Grip-Birkman Team Build.  News sources said,  ‘A disastrous ice storm in early February has caused some 194 million euros (267 million U.S. dollars) to Slovenia’s forests, and sustained120 million euros (164 million U.S. dollars)in damage to infrastructure.’  It truly was like ice skating and we had to put on crampons to walk from our hotel to our colleagues’ home!  February ended with Trey preaching and teaching a business seminar and Elise leading prayer and Grip Birkman coaching and team building sessions at the Nordic Cluster meeting in Malaga, Spain!  To put it mildly, these were quite the extremes in weather!

 We continue to enjoy our home in Bratislava and are so thankful for the many people that God has placed in our paths.  Ask that we would be good stewards of the many relationships that God has given us and that we would have multiple opportunities to share the good news of our wonderful Savior.

 Please be in prayer for these other requests as well:

  1. Pray for Ryan as he nears college graduation and has many major decisions to make.  (job, location, marriage?)  He has been selected for the TAP (Teach Abroad Program) through California Baptist University (CBU) which involves teaching English for one year overseas.  Ryan needs to let CBU know by March 21st.  Pray that he will completely depend on the Lord as he makes these decisions.  
  2. Bret also has a major decision as to whether or not to transfer to a University where he may have a greater opportunity to play Basketball.  Ask that He would consider all of the various factors and ask for God’s help as he makes this decision.
  3. Ask for wisdom and strength for Trey as he attends a European leadership team meeting – March 9-13 and continues to lead the EURO Central cluster.  Also, he has the opportunity to build into the lives of young college students on Tuesday evenings.  Pray that these men would seek to know the One who died for them so that they may experience eternal life.
  4. Pray for Elise, as well as Mark and Terry Hebert, as they coach and lead all four teams in Poland through their Grip-Birkman profiles and Team Build on March 28-29.  Ask for God to give us His insight, understanding, strength and that we would completely rest in Him to work in and through us for His glory.  Pray for her Slovak girlfriends to come to know and love their Heavenly Father.  
  5. Please pray for the International Mission Board (IMB) as they search for the man God would have lead our organization.  Ask for great wisdom, humility and understanding as the IMB prepares for this change in leadership.

 In His Love,

 Trey and Elise