Hello there! I still don’t have internet at home, so I am trying to quickly write a note to everyone to let you know that I arrived safe and sound in Chihuahua on Wednesday, we had a very smooth border crossing – PRAISE GOD!

I’m doing okay here in Chihuahua. The house is a real mess, and it will take a week or more to get it to my version of “normal.” Glad the cats and dogs are not here, because it would take even longer.


Just had a meeting with the field committee (i.e, my “bosses”). It went really good and I felt like I was able to communicate freely with them. For now, the plan is to get settled in, get some medical work done, then go out and join the group of various individuals who are learning Tarahumara, out in Cuauhtemoc. This is a course developed by some Pioneers missionaries, but they are helping some of us New Tribers learn the language.

First I need to get all this other stuff taken care of, including taxes and importing my vehicle. I got to the border and discovered that I could have imported my vehicle just like any other American does it!!! Ah, I just love how the laws are always changing and you never know what to expect. So, it should be fairly easy to import it, at least temporarily. I will check with the guy down here first about whether or not I should do it permanently or just temporarily.

Check a BIG ONE off my To Do List: Got my Mexican driver’s license today!!! YAY!

There is obviously so much more to write, but I am in a real time crunch right now. Pray for me to stay motivated and not get discouraged while fixing things up around the house. Pray for God’s wisdom in handling things (taxes, car importation, joining this Tarahumara class, etc.).

Plugging away, little by little,