Well, it has been an interesting month! Due to bad weather in the midwest at the end of February, I postponed my travel plans to head back to Mexico. I got to spend my parents’ anniversary with them on March 1, and then made the long drive to El Paso in two days.

On March 4 I crossed the border with some friends, only to discover that the laws had changed in Mexico, and I could have brought my own (American) vehicle across the border with a temporary permit!! I needlessly left it behind in El Paso. Oh well! That is life in a foreign country – never knowing what the rules are going to be! (btw, the law must have gone into effect March 1, because NO ONE knew about it – not even import agents that I talked to!) My friends graciously loaned me their car until I could bring my vehicle down.


So i spent the last 3 weeks cleaning my house, fixing broken things, looking for missing items… you know how it goes – just basically settling back in and making it YOUR house after various families have lived in it. It finally does feel like my old home again. I enjoyed being back at my church, Jerusalen Baptist, and seeing everyone again. I am waiting on having my vehicle to go out on the bumpy roads to the Brickyard – hopefully this coming week!

So this past Saturday, as I was getting ready to come back up to El paso and retrieve my Trailblazer, I stepped wrong and sprained my ankle. Not the best timing for such an injury. (No there is no “good” time for it, but still, if it had happened earlier in the week I could have rested it for several days.) I still made the trip up to El Paso with some friends, and am sitting at the NTM Guest House, getting ready for an appointment at H&R Block to do my taxes. Guess I’ll skip the shopping today.

So, please pray that Wednesday I can feel well enough to drive back to Chihuahua, left-footed, and that getting my Trailblazer across the border will be problem-free. Hopefully God will use my incapacity to give me grace in the eyes of the officials. Smile

Thank you for your prayers during this transition time. Besides the ankle, I have had other numerous challenges and have run thru the gamut of my emotions! I have sensed your love and support each day. THANK YOU!!!

Rejoicing in our hope, because HE IS RISEN!