Dear friends and family

This morning we went to an early morning service at the botanical gardens at Emerald. It was a challenging time as we heard about the true meaning of Easter. Easter is not about eggs and bunnies but about the Son of God who sacrificed His life for us sinners. Without the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ there could never be forgiveness for our sins. This is not something we just think about once a year but it affects our everyday lives. It is the basis of Christian living. Afterwards, we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Christian friends as we had breakfast together.


Today we would like to feature:

Efeke (Efekay)

Efeke came faithfully to hear us teach through the Old Testament and the life of Jesus to His death and resurrection. When we came back from our break in Cairns we asked her to come to see us. When she came David asked her if she would go to Heaven when she died and her face lit up as she said, “Yes'” He asked her why she thought she would go to Heaven and she was very clear that it was because of what Jesus did for her when He died for her. Wendy said that she didn’t understand what she said, but when she saw her face light up she knew that she was a believer. She started coming to the teaching as David was teaching the believers then she was baptized with the three others who were baptized at our first baptism. But unfortunately her husband stopped her from coming to any of the meetings after that. She hasn’t had any consistent teaching since about 2008 but we continue to pray for her.

With Christian love from

David and Wendy