Sending special greetings at this Easter Season. Thanking God for each of you, and SO-O-O-O thankful that we serve a Risen Saviour, who is interested in every aspect of our lives, and given us ALL that we need, day by day.

Well, 9 weeks of my 12 weeks of this visit to PNG have already gone. God is amazing, in that He not only brought me here at this time, but He also opened up an opportunity to attend the Sepik Conference last week. Blessing upon blessing and I have much for which to praise His Name. During the week in Wewak, I was referred to as “the matriarch of the Sepik”….. does that mean I am OLD???

Travelling back and forth to the Sepik, I experienced flying in the new Kodiak planes that NTM are now using here in PNG. That was pretty exciting!! In Wewak I was hosted by a gal who now lives and works in Wewak, but many years ago, worked in the tribe neighbouring the Owininga. How very special… and true to form we sat and reminisced of past co-workers and experiences and past conferences.

Now I am back into ‘full swing’ here in the Guest House. The next three weeks will be pretty busy, with all the guest housing pretty full much of the time. Friday, we had a lovely Good Friday service. Today, we will begin with a sun rise service, followed by a community breakfast, then our regular church service at 9.45. How blessed we are to live in a land where we are free to worship the one true God.

May today, as we celebrate a risen Saviour, may your hearts be encouraged as you worship Him. Much love. Bev

Bev Croot
Lapilo Guest House Manager