Dear praying friends,

                After a few days of preparation all things are ‘in place’ to bring Doug home tomorrow.  He is still considered “high care” – with the need of a hospital bed, bedside commode, etc.  However, he is excited to be returning to ‘home’ and we would appreciate your continued prayers for ability to function and meet Doug’s needs.  8 ½ weeks ago, I took Doug into ED at the hospital, and many many things have happened in that time, but the Lord has seen fit to bring Doug through some rough days, and an opportunity to return home.

  We aren’t too sure just what support we will have, but an “assessor” will be coming tomorrow, and working out with me, what time and when they can best help and be a blessing.  I will be unable to leave Doug alone, so need to work out some respite so I  can shop, bank, pay bills, etc.  AND HOPEFULLY, some time to meet friends once in a while.

                Appreciate YOU – and trust this short note find YOU well, and seeing the Lord meet you in whatever situation you might find yourselves.

                                Love in Him, Bev for Doug, too