Dear friends and family

Our latest news is that Wendy has been having some trouble with her right eye and we went to an optometrist yesterday. The outcome is that she has to see an eye specialist to determine if she will need an operation on it. This means that it will be two or three months before we can consider going to PNG. It seems that the Lord is telling us that this is why He has been delaying our departure. We need to get this dealt with first.

This week we will feature:

Buka, Anita and family

Buka’s oldest son is ‘Ahosefa’ (usually called ‘Aho’) then two daughters ‘Linda’ and ‘Glenda’. Their three younger sons are, ‘Shadrach’, ‘Meshach’ and ‘Abednego’ (usually called ‘Abet’).

When we first moved into the village in 1992, Buka was living behind us. He was a big encouragement to us, keeping an eye on our place and helping us with the language then later on helping us with Bible translation. At the end of the first outreach we did in the village in April 2006 we presented the gospel. Buka was the first person that I interviewed and he showed a clear understanding of salvation.

The next day we left for a break in Cairns and we arranged for two believers from the Yagaria tribe, where they have a strong church, to come and encourage the new believers. They stayed with Buka and were a big encouragement to him. When we returned I (David) started teaching the believers. There were four other professing believers at that time. Buka was a big help with the singing at the meetings but as time went on he had some issues that we didn’t know if they stemmed from the culture or his own unreal expectations (probably both) but his faith had some ups and downs there for a while.

But when we held our first baptism he decided to get baptized in spite of a lot of pressure from family and others not to. He was baptized with three others including Kokere. He was one of the three men that we were training to be teachers when we had to leave the field.

These three men completed an outreach in the village of ‘Nukem’ (New Camp). In 2012 I paid them a visit and they had just started another outreach in the original village but only one of them, Heti, was teaching. But with some encouragement from me and the other believers Buka and Kokere started helping with the teaching.

The problem now is that since the Fosters left in May 2011, there has not been any missionaries in there apart from a couple of short visits. They were not ready to be left on their own and they have been struggling so they need our prayers. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM.

With Christian love from

David and Wendy