We’re gearing up for the annual IBC mission’s conferenceto begin tomorrow. I’m excited to hear Daron Butler, long- time friend from Broken Arrow days. Daron is unique among all the Native people I have known in thathe is the mission’s pastor for a large urban church in Wooster, Ohio. Here is an excerpt from his bio:

After graduating from the reservation Christian boarding school in 1983, I left NM for IN. I graduated from Grace College in Winona Lake, IN with a B.A. in Psychology in 1987, an M.Div. from Grace Seminary in 1991, and an ThM in Old Testament in 1992. I praise God for the Christian education that I received. The education I received prepared me for the future that God orchestrated.

I am a full blood Diné [Navajo]. I married an Anglo girl from Smithville, OH. Melissa and I have four children who live with us in Wooster, OH. I serve as the Next Steps Pastor at Grace Church. I get to help people take their next step to serve people in the neighborhood and to the nations. I praise God for allowing me the opportunity to bring Him glory by ministering in his local church to impact the world by influencing His global church to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

Daron didn’t mention that he is also a talented musician. But this time around it will be his younger brother, Dino, who will be helping out musically. I had the privilege of working with the Butler brothers for several years at camp. Dino married Nanette, the young girl the Lord brought into my life shortly after I moved to New Mexico. If you can remember back that many years, you’ll recall Nanette’s name. She and Dino, with their two boys, are faithfully serving with NAIM (North American Indigenous Ministries) at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch and surrounding areas.

My schedule was too busy again this first term of the semester but I’m anticipating an increasingly lighter load in this current term and then even more so in term 3. Please be in prayer for the students. It has been a rough semester so far with several students being placed under discipline and several seriously contemplating suicide. As you receive this, pray that God will use Daron and Dino for the few days they are on campus to make a difference in the lives of the students in general and these several in particular. 

Thank you for much for reading my letters and praying.