Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you from sunny Florida! For us the month of March came in like a lamb. I wonder how it came in for you? Was it like a lion or a lamb? I still remember talking about this when I was in elementary school in Michigan many years ago. Last year I did an art craft with my first and second grade students. Some chose to make a lion and other decided to make a lamb. We had an interesting discussion while they worked!

I know that it has been a while since I included a photo with my monthly update. Brad is the photographer in our family. He carries his camera with him whenever he goes anywhere in the car. He also carries it to work with him. He took this panoramic view of our new chapel during our first morning chapel service here at NTM Homes. Every morning (Monday through Friday) they have a chapel service from 8:00-8:30. They always start out with a hymn or two followed by one of our retired missionary residents or staff members sharing a testimony or something from the Word. Then a microphone is passed around and folks can give prayer requests. Our chaplain then prays for these needs. Many folks hang around and chit chat after the meeting. Of course the staff members head off to work. I had the day off of school, so I was free to come for the service. Can you find me in the picture?

We are SO happy that our new chapel / multi-purpose building is now open. About a week after it opened we had our first memorial service in this lovely facility. Helen and her husband Bob were challenged to missionary service in 1950. After going through missionary training, they went to the field of Paraguay, South America to serve the Lord. They served for 44 years and then retired here at NTM Homes in 1999. Helen was 96 years old. Wow! What a legacy she and her husband have left. Helen’s youngest daughter was not able to make it to the memorial service because she is still serving the Lord as an overseas missionary. One son and wife are retired residents here after serving for 45 years overseas. Helen is survived by seven children, 19 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren, and 9 great-great grandchildren. A little side note of interest: One of Helen’s granddaughters served with us in Papua New Guinea. I taught 4 of Helen’s great- grandkids while teaching kindergarten at Numonohi Christian Academy. The kids would join our class for a few days when they came out to the support center for various reasons. When they were in the upper grades, they would then come out to the boarding school in the highlands of PNG. It was a joy to have Esther work in my classroom as a teacher’s aide for one year. We do miss seeing Helen at the puzzle table or sitting at the piano, but know that she is enjoying being in the presence of her precious Savior.


  • God is good!
  • Our new chapel is now in use. All inspections have been passed and we were granted our occupancy permit.
  • My math and history students are learning much. They are a joy to teach.
  • Brad has moved into his new office.
  • Work has begun in the old chapel. Our building team / maintenance staff are in the process of making some more rooms for residents in the assisted living facility.
  • Our Royal Volunteers from up north continue to be a blessing as they serve here.


  • The new chairs for the chapel have been ordered. It would be great if they would arrive before the chapel dedication service on March 21st.
  • Brad is still in the process of setting up his new office.
  • Brad needs God’s wisdom as he works with NTM Homes staff members, retired residents, as well as staff members at our mission headquarters here in Sanford.
  • I need God’s guidance and wisdom as I teach my classes.
  • I have a new student who joined the fifth grade class last week. Pray for her adjustment to the USA, Florida, and our school here.
  • I am trying to get my 4 college credits transferred to the college in Maryland. Hopefully it will be accomplished soon.
  • Brad and I desire to put Christ first in our lives. Pray for us as we line up our priorities according to God’s perfect will.

With thankful hearts,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull