Dear family, friends and prayer partners,

We are so thankful for each and every one of you who have shown an interest in our work over the years. As I write this letter, I realize that it goes out to quite a variety of folks. (I am sorry that I can’t write each and every one of you a personal letter, but time just does not allow for that.)  We have family and friends who want to keep in touch. We also send this letter to our different mission centers here in the USA. We also include our ministry partners who support us in prayer and/or with financial gifts into our account. We don’t want to forget the different ones that we have met over the years as we have served in Thailand and Papua New Guinea. We feel so blessed to know folks all over the world.


As you know, Brad and I live at NTM Homes in Sanford, FL. I just walked over to our mailbox to see if we had received any mail today. I stopped by the Latham Center where some of the retired missionary residents are living. Supper had been served and the cooks had just taken the pumpkin pies for tomorrow’s Sunday meal out of the oven. One of the cooks was at the puzzle table with 2 other ladies trying to finish up a 1000 piece puzzle. I stopped by and helped a bit before heading back home. One of the ladies only just recently moved into the Latham Center from a duplex located here on our property. Dee still drives and teaches a ladies Bible class at a local prison once a week.

One of the staff ladies decorated a bulletin board in the Latham Center in January listing all of the different ministries that our retired residents here are involved in. They grade papers for inmates who do Bible correspondence courses. Some sing in their church choir, teach Sunday school or visit different nursing homes. Some give haircuts or perms to the residents. Several are working on Bible translations from their field of service. Some volunteer in the kitchen preparing meals.  Our neighbor looks after the library here. Some are involved with Gideon’s. One lady sets the tables in the dining room for dinner and supper every day. The juvenile detention center is thankful for those who are involved in that ministry. The tax office at our Headquarters is happy for those who put in many hours helping with the tax papers. One lady uses a highlighter and marks the prayer requests in the missionary letters that come in by e-mail. Another lady helps open envelopes at Headquarters. Many spend a considerable amount of time in prayer for the different needs that they know about from around the world.  Wow! These folks here are busy!

Last week I took my first and second grade students on a field trip to the Sanford Fire Station. I am not sure who was more excited to go, the students or their teacher! The 6th grade class also joined us. Brad and I see the ambulance come here to NTM Homes all too often to transport different ones to the hospital. It is not uncommon for one of the older folks to fall and need to be transported so as to check out their injuries. The fire company does some training of their firemen in the swimming pool at our Headquarters. I do hope that each one of my students now has a greater appreciation for these civil servants and the sacrifices that they make in order to protect us.

Brad told me that he is in the process of putting the finance office records and procedures into the digital age. He is setting this up by analyzing and breaking info down into understandable units for the leadership here at NTM Homes.  The new business manager started last fall, and Brad is working with Chuck to streamline things as to who does what, as some of those lines have been a bit fuzzy. Brad purchased a scanner and is scanning old financial records and then shredding them since  they are no longer needed once things are in digital form. His job includes income and expenses, vendors, AR (Accounts Receivable), AP (Accounts Payable), and General Ledger Management. I had to take notes on what he said, since most of this sounds like a foreign language to me. There may be some of you who totally understand what he is talking about!

Please pray:
  • My teaching schedule is still quite busy.
  • I need God’s wisdom as I try to meet the needs of each individual student in my classroom.
  • I desire that my students see Christ’s life in me as I interact with them day after day.
  • Brad needs God’s wisdom as he goes about his daily tasks in the office.
  • Brad’s work is often interrupted when a retired resident stops by his office and needs assistance with something. These “interruptions” are part of his job.
  • Brad needs a root canal done and is checking into different dentists here in the area.
  • We both need God’s wisdom as we set priorities in our lives.

Our hearts are full of thanks as we consider God’s wonderful gifts to us. You are one of those gifts He has given to us.  

 By His grace,

 Wanda (and Brad) Hull