Dear family and friends,

We are now part way through our 8th week at the hospital. The doctor was rather encouraged today – having changed one of Doug’s drugs, his potassium levels have remained closer to where they ought to be, instead of leaching out every day. The nurse remarked today, that Doug must have had some 100 mini bags of potassium over the past couple of weeks.

In himself, Doug is weary, and there is still pain (in his mouth from shocking thrush, mouth ulcers and split lips – and the lozenges to treat the thrush, give awful pain) – plus pain at his PEG site, which continues to be kept clean, but is often “suspect”…. His feeds are going well – and the PICC line has been an answer to prayer, so that he doesn’t have to be constantly having canulas in for bloods, and IV drugs, etc. Over the weekend, Doug again had ‘issues’ with his catheter, but everything is again working well.

We have been in conference with the SWAT team – Social worker, Physio, O.T., etc in the hopes we can get Doug home within a week or two – or course, his legs in particular are still too weak to hold him up – and at this point of time, he is still “two people assist”, which means I wouldn’t be able to get him up by himself – but we will see what this week brings.

Praising God for His grace, strength and peace that He gives as we need it. Thankful for many who assist with transportation to and from the hospital. I worked out last week, that had I been paying parking fees for every hour I have been at the hospital over all these weeks, it would have been upward of $1,000.00….

Rhesa arrived home safely – thankful for a loving husband and children who did well while she was gone. Now with school about to recommence for their last term before Raylea’s graduation, they are busy organizing all that needs to be done, to be able to leave after graduation to return to Australia for Home Assignment.

For those who celebrate it “HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY”.

In the bonds of Calvary,

Bev for Doug, too