Dear praying friends,

Doug was making some progress this past week, physio therapists had had him up on his feet, and the doctor had even given me permission to take him home for 2 hours on Saturday afternoon, so he could be with the family as we celebrated Ezekiel’s 3rd birthday.

I had all things in place for the outing, then the day before, Doug’s PEG site was VERY itchy, and eventually dislodged – they found bad dermatitis under the dressing, and the need for Doug to go into surgery again, to have a new PEG inserted.  That happened late Friday afternoon.  Then in the middle of the night, he was quite distressed, and it appeared that his catheter wasn’t running correctly, and had to have a new catheter put in.  After all these unexpected events with the trauma that went along with them, he was not “up” to leaving the hospital yesterday afternoon.

 However, I went and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family, and watching Ezekiel be the ‘life of the party’.  He doesn’t say much, but he certainly makes up for the lack of words with great sounds, acting, facial expressions, and on it goes.  What a delight he has been.

 Rhesa has had the stitches out – but still no pathology report…   her broken tooth has been repaired, and she is planning on returning to PNG this coming Thursday.  It will be sad to see her go – but she has commitments up there, and we are excited that their ‘home assignment/furlough’ begins in June, and they will come to Perth after some weeks with Bobby’s family in Queensland.

 Thank you for your continued prayers, emails and phone calls. 

Love in Him, Bev for Doug, too