Now, for a note updating you on our prayer requests sent out two weeks ago.  Jon Frazier and I had a good trip up and back on an airline I had never heard of, Allegiant Air. They are very reasonable and give good service. As for the airports, they were not so good – a little inconsistent. Orlando / Sanford let us take water bottles and small liquids and in my case a very small pocket knife in our carryons. However, the Youngstown airport disallowed water bottles, and took away my knife. We had heard the regulations were relaxed, but they tightened up recently, everyone except Orlando / Sanford. Son Joel and Ruthi picked us up and we stayed with them overnight. Hadn’t seen the family for 5 years, and was sorry Corinne missed out on that this time. Joel took Jon and me on up to the Yarnells’ and then to the Global Ministry Supply warehouse. What a sight for us to see – the 10 palates of New Testaments lined  up and ready for inspection and repacking!  I’ll send more details and photos later.

Later on, Joel brought our third Marine, Shane and Marylou and little Hailey up to see me where we were staying. Thanks, Joel, what a treat! We found over 100 faulty copies, but that’s not many among 6,000 copies. Volunteers from 4 different churches joined the Yarnells and helped us inspect each one. Some are badly trimmed, but useable. We would ask special prayer for Bob and Cheryl as they bring in volunteers again in early June to load the container in one day. If you can remember then to pray for them during that time, they would surely appreciate it. So would we! Bob is pretty sure all 10 palates of New Testaments will fit all right in this container, but that too, is still a matter for prayer, along with safety and wisdom for them and all the wonderful volunteers.

Thank you, Bob and Cheryl and all. If the New Testaments arrive in Papua New Guinea in the middle of August, that means we will probably leave here about that time as well. Continue to pray for our visas. We will have to book our round-trip flight and give definite dates before we can obtain the visas. So pray for the right timing in all of this. Corinne’s hip has not improved as yet. My headaches have subsided. I think it was what I call a “computer headache.” I lowered the monitor and started wearing my computer glasses again. That may be what caused the improvement. Thank you for your prayers. We are trusting God for our fares, our visas and safe journey to PNG in August. Rejoicing in progress,

Tom and Corinne Palmer