Dear friends,

Terrified would be a good word to express how we are feeling right now. Let me give you a bit of a background and history to get us to this point of our letter.

Way back in 1989 a young man (TomLaughing) entered New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin and a young lady (TanyaKiss) entered New Tribes Bible College in Sydney, Australia. Both ended up serving the Lord as short term missionaries in Papua New Guinea where they met, formed a friendship, dated, and got engaged.

In 1993, we were married in Australia, where the young bride said she would follow her husband wherever he would go. Well, those vows led us to America for 3 years, back to Australia for a year, to Papua New Guinea for 6 and a half years and back to America for the past 10 years. The past nine of those years has had us living in Missouri at the Missionary Training Center.

It has been a wonderful adventure and time of serving the Lord. We have seen the Lord do insurmountable things for our family in the past 21 years. Travelled around the world countless times, take a loan out on a car that we got paid off in time, never gone hungry, never been without clothes, never been stuck on the side of the road because we didn’t have gas money, the list is countless of all that the Lord has done for us.

So that gets us to today. There is a couple with New Tribes Mission who are getting ready to retire and move back to Ohio. In moving, they have a house that we are taking the steps to purchase. Will you pray for us?

When we started this adventure as teens, retirement seemed forever away. It still is in some respects, but at the same time, we feel like the Lord is leading to this new stage in our lives to prepare for the retirement stage of life. We are trusting the Lord to take out a 30 year loan on this house. With the girls getting ready to leave the nest we feel like the house is perfect for us. It is three bedrooms, two bathrooms on the same level house. It has a shed for Tom to call his, 2.5 acres of land so we can still put in a garden (and maybe get some chickensSmile!!).
One way we feel the Lord is all ready providing for us is: Tanya got a part time job at a local grocery store. Right now we are putting those pay checks in two accounts, one trying to get ahead on our car insurance bill and the other is savings.

What are we looking for from you?

Advice. If you have advice for us, positive or negative…we want to hear from you. We don’t want to step into this decision foolishly and want to seek guidance from our supporters who have stuck with us for the past 22 years of our lives. If you have any input, you can email us at

Prayers. For those of you who have made a house payment in your lifetime, you may remember the initial paperwork stage and how terrifying and overwhelming it seemed at the time…well we are at that initial stage.

Right now we are applying for a loan and taking those initial steps. Because we do not have any money for a down payment, we are getting a government loan and there is a lot involved in that as far as paperwork goes. We will not close on the house until sometime in September and our first payment, IF all of this falls into place will be in November.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Thank you for your loving support over the past years and your continuation of that support.

Trusting the Lord for all the seemingly impossible,

Tom and Tanya Robinson