Dear praying friends,

It is just over 6 weeks since Doug finished with the pain and suffering, and entered into his rest in Heaven, and now, after a great 3 + weeks away, I am home and facing reality. An empty house and winter coming.

The Lord gave me such a lovely time as I travelled. One week in Cairns, 10 days in PNG, and then 4 days in Brisbane. ALL the way, there was glorious sunny, warm days, with lots of lovely fellowship. I didn’t take a computer with me – hence the silence from my part of the world.
In Cairns I had time to rest and recoup…


Flying into Pt Moresby and then flying onto Goroka over the mountains had me remembering 44 years earlier when Doug and I first arrived in PNG with 13 month old Rachel. Oh the privilege of those years living in PNG, and serving the Lord especially amongst the Owininga people.

Bobby and Rhesa were VERY busy with the end of year activities, especially as they were the advisers to the senior class. All the girls had ‘end of year’ tests/papers due, even Rhianah, who has been studying externally from a Brisbane College.

The day after arriving in Goroka, was the interschool sports, and both Raylea and Robbie were there, so I spent the day with the family at the Sports Centre in Goroka – the girls played well – won all their games, but lost the finals. When I wasn’t at Bobby and Rhesa’s I kept my hands busy in the hairdressing salon!! Not sure, but probably about 50 haircuts while I was there, which I was glad to do.

On the Friday night, a memorial service for Doug, was held. A GREAT evening of recognizing Doug’s life, work and love for his Lord. Some great laughs, sweet music, and good memories.

Saturday night was awards night, when the students involved in the sports are acknowledged plus academic students and those who are voted for by their fellow students. Raylea received 3 awards – the English scholar, most improved soccer player, and the ICSA (I think… International Christian School Award).

Graduation went beautifully, with simply elegant decorations, and a lovely service. A lot of the students stayed up ALL night…. For Bobby and Rhesa, is was home from the dinner to continue on with packing. 8.00am we left the centre to drive into the airport!!! Amidst tearful goodbyes, we left Goroka, flew onto Pt Moresby where we had a 4 hour layover…. Then onto Brisbane, where we were met by Bobby’s parents. Bobby’s father had surgery (yesterday, Friday) to remove a cancerous growth from the muscle behind his kidney. Know he would appreciate your prayers as he recovers. He is presently in a lot of pain. Bobby, Rhesa and girls hope to begin their drive across Australia (Brisbane to Perth) late in June.
My time in Brisbane was fairly quiet but nowhere near as quiet as today!!! Guess it is time to get into some of the neglected projects that have been put aside!!!

Bryan, Renee and 5 kiddos are presently traveling up north of Western Australia… Raewyn and Gregan picked me up from the airport late Tuesday evening, Brad, Rachel, James and Chelsea were all here for dinner Wednesday (Heidi-anne stayed here while I was gone), Roxanne and her three were here Thursday afternoon, lunch with my sister, aunt and cousins yesterday, and some friends here scrap booking last night… so I really can’t complain, can I.

This is getting too long.

Thank you for your love and prayers.