The PNG ladies who work here at our center often get mentioned in my updates, but the men – not so much. We do have a good crew of PNG citizens who faithfully help us out keeping the buildings in good repair, grounds maintained, and doing security work, etc. More than just employees, these are among our closest friends.


Wili has worked for NTM for many years. He is skilled in house repairs and grounds work so is a major asset in keeping things going. He also has a driver’s license and can be sent to town to purchase the LPG bottles and drums of diesel and petrol fuel needed for our center, and for the missionaries working in the “rural” areas, for their generators, outboard motors, etc.

One day last week Wili’s wife called – telling him to come home IMMEDIATELY! Their youngest daughter – 2 year old Laken – had fallen and was unconscious. Evidently the bilum (net bag) she was accustomed to sleeping in broke while she was napping, letting her fall and hit her head as she plunged several feet to the ground. They took her to the local hospital where she was sedated (???) and admitted to the pediatric ward. The hospital x-ray machine doesn’t work so not much else could be done to evaluate her condition. Around midnight she woke up — singing! They kept her another day at the hospital for observation but other than being weak she seemed to be fine. Thankfully the incident has a good ending and now, 5 days later, Laken is back to her normal self.




Kapi is another of our faithful employees. He spends hours and hours each week with the lawn mowers and weed eaters, keeping the grounds on our mission property in respectable shape. You may remember from an earlier letter — some years back one of his children too spent some days in the hospital – with meningitis! Her condition was “iffy” for a time but then too, God brought about a good outcome and that little girl is a very active and healthy child today.

Our security team members are also VITAL to keeping things running here!

Glen, Smith, Carlson, Nick and Mino all endure long overnight shifts, patrolling the grounds with our security dogs. Most of these fellows are near neighbors and we’re privileged to cross paths with their families from time to time, too.


These guys all know they can “get my goat!” by calling me the “boss lady.” We seem to go thru the same dialogue each fortnight when I give them their pay packets and they stick that label on me. “We’re all ‘wanwoks’ – work mates,” I tell them, “just doing whatever work God has put in our hands.”

As God brings these co-workers to mind, won’t you please be praying for them, too? They all come from various different backgrounds, cultures, church lines. Pray that they too might be ones you will meet in eternity.

My sincere and grateful thanks to YOU too for being a “wanwok,” a vital part of the team God has in place for reaching people here in PNG. Our job descriptions may look very different but our “Boss Man” Above knows where we each best fit into His designs for reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus. We all seek to strive together according to Colossians 3:23 – “In all the work you are given, do the best you can. Work as though you are working for the Lord, not any earthly master.” (ERV)

Thank YOU for being a willing and faithful cohort in this His work.
Co-laboring together to bring back Christ as King!
Hope Sharp