Dear family and friends,

Greetings to you from sunny Florida! During the month of May, Brad and I did some traveling. We were away for two weeks and traveled a total of 3,141 miles. We visited with 3 of our brothers (and families), Brad’s parents, my mom, as well as a number of friends, relatives, supporters and churches. The churches were in Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We considered it to be a ministry trip but were also able to get in some time of relaxation and refreshment.

One of my goals was to see my mom who is now living in a nursing home in Ohio. I was able to look around her room, tour the facility, chat with the nursing staff and others who take care of her, as well as spend time just visiting. It had only been a year since we visited her in her mobile home in Indiana. It was sad to see her decline in health and mental state. I am thankful for the excellent care that she is receiving and for her family and friends that stop by to visit her there at Evergreen Manor.

We are glad to be home and back to work here at NTM Homes (a community for retired missionaries). Since arriving back we attended a memorial for one of our Assisted Living residents who quietly stepped into eternity while we were away. Martha and her husband spent 26 years serving our Lord in Columbia, South America and in the USA. The service was truly a celebration of life! My friend Carol and I planned another Movie Night (with popcorn of course). The life story of C.H. Spurgeon and a documentary about the ancient city of Jericho were enjoyed by those who attended. Our “new” chapel is getting plenty of use.

While we lived and served in Papua New Guinea we met Jonathan and Susan Kopf who work in a remote tribal village. I found this story very interesting and hope that you take a few minutes to read it. We consider the Kopf family to be our co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard.

“Kolumbi had responded to my wife Susan’s invitation to come into the house we had recently built in a small village in the Hewa mountains of central Papua New Guinea, and once she had climbed the stairway and was standing in our living room she caught her reflection in our mirror,” wrote Jonathan Kopf. “She was captivated by the image, not realizing it was her own.” As Kolumbi started talking to the image in the mirror, thinking it was her mother, you’ll see the humorous, though complicated position it put the missionaries in! Pray for missionaries like the Kopfs as they seek wisdom in how to handle sensitive situations. Read the whole story ( !

Praise and thank the Lord with us:

  • For safety that He gave as we traveled from Florida to Michigan and then back home again
  • For good times with family and friends all along the way
  • For the many missionaries around the world who are faithfully serving Him

Please pray:

  • That we will first and foremost seek Him and get to know Him better
  • We will be faithful with each task that the Lord puts before us
  • For our missionary friends to have wisdom to handle the “sensitive situations” they face

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull